Antique Rifles & Shotguns

thumbnail#15A DREYSE DBL. COMBINATION RIFLE SHOTGUN, from the 1800 s, very early gun & probably one of the first self contained cartridge rifles made, 11 MM & 16 ga., 26 bbls., light silver engraving inlays on the rear part of the bbl. Also on the bottom of the lever that slides side ways to break open gun, silver fox inlay on this lever, horn trigger guard, 2 triggers, checkered cheek rest stock with original metal buttplate, sling swivels, top of rib marked F.V. Dreyse Sommerda , adjustable rear sight, silver bead front sight, good wood with old crack near wrist has been repaired, checkering is nice & sharp, 95% blue starting to turn brown, no pitting, real nice condition, VG to exc. bores, loads by pulling rearward on the lever underneath the forend, bbl. slides forward & then slides to the right exposing chambers. $2500

49A#49A GERMAN SCHUETZEN, 8:15 X 46 R, 28 oct. bbl., Martini System & marked System Stahl in gold on left side of receiver, takedown lever under forearm turns to side to retract pin that holds bbl., windage & elevation adjustable rear sight on a rail, windage adjustable front sight, DST, roll over cheek rest, checkered grip, Schuetzen buttplate, sling swivels, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue, receiver blue is fading very thin, VG wood, missing ramrod. $1750

50A#50A GERMAN SCHUETZEN, top of receiver marked in gold Original System Aydt , 8:15 X 46 R cal., checkered straight grip stock with cheek rest, DST, Schuetzen buttplate & lever, adjustable rear sight for elevation & windage, protected bead front sight adjustable for windage, sling swivels, near mint with mint bore, 99% bbl. blue, 97% casehardening on receiver & buttplate, mint wood, snobble forend tip, quick release trigger plate, missing the tang sight, beautiful gun. $2750

thumbnail#58A WIN. HI WALL DELUXE RIFLE, 25 20WCF, 30 #3 oct. bbl., Nowicki left hand checkered nicely grain wood, SST, Win. vernier tang sight & windage front sight, factory letter states gun was sent out in 1892; rifle, 25 20, #3 30 oct. bbl., set trigger, mid range vernier & wind gauge front sight, Nowicki was a gunsmith in the 1890 s & was located in New York City, very near the Zettler Bros. Club, beautiful checkered Schuetzen stock with Schuetzen buttplate, 100% nickel plating, checkered wooden lever tip & checkered forend, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue, 95% casehardening on the action, very fine target rifle in beautiful condition. $6500


thumbnail#79A WIN. HI WALL RARE SS SPORTING RIFLEWITH 36 #3 OCT. BBL., 25 20 SS, open rear sight, brass blade front sight, crescent buttplate, VG wood, exc. bore, 80% blue overall, very rare with this length bbl., only about 200 were made with 36 bbls. in Lo Walls & Hi Walls. $6500

#82A HAENEL AYDT GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 31 oct. bbl., made in 10/28, engraved receiver with scroll engraving on left side & bearded man with a rifle slung over his shoulder on right, DST, Schuetzen lever & buttplate, large checkered burl wood stock with cheek rest, snobble forend tip with wedge retainer, mint bore, 100% bbl. blue, 99% casehardening on receiver, large tang peep sight fully adjustable with magnifier in rear sight adjustable for different apertures, pinhead front sight, also has another set of sights including a BSA fully adjustable tang mounted sight & a Lyman hooded front sight, bullet starter with key for adjusting, in a fitted aluminum case with liner. $4950

#85A A. HUBELEK BALLARD, 22 Hornet, 28” heavy rd. bbl. with scope blocks, top of bbl. marked “A. Hubelek”, on a Ballard PG grip action with DST, #6 style Schuetzen lever, top of receiver is factory contoured for shooting 22 rifles with open sights, mint bore, custom checkered PG stock with cheek rest, shotgun butt, checkered beavertail forend, extra quality figured wood, no provision for bbl. sights.  $2750

thumbnail#98A WIN. HI WALL THICKWALL RARE MUSKET, 45 70, 32 rd. bbl., 2 bbl. bands, scarce ladder rear sight, post front sight, sling swivels, good to VG bore with some slight roughness just in front of chamber rest is exc., exc. wood, 90% bbl. blue, casehardening on action is starting to turn to a gray patina, metal is nice & smooth, no pitting. $3950


thumbnail#101A WIN. HI WALL SPECIAL ORDER RIFLE, 22 short, 24 #3 oct. bbl., close coupled DST, Win. A 5 target scope & mounts, open sights, crescent buttplate, mint bore, 98% blue overall, exc. to mint wood, factory letter states this gun went back to the factory several times, original was a 38 55 with 30 #3 bbl., went back to factory in 1919, in the records is marked 22 S, set, base for A 5 scope, very unusual gun with this length bbl. & also this configuration complete with letter. $5750

thumbnail#103A T.M. THORSEN SS DROPPING BLOCK SPORTING RIFLE, 31 oct. #3 wt. bbl., cal. is either 40 70 Sharps or 40 70 Bullard, action is a cross between a Ballard & a Hi Wall, lever drops down & breech block drops down like a Ballard, breech block is split like a Ballard too, flat sided frame, single trigger, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, checkered shotgun butt, rear sight is adjustable for elevation, hooded bead front sight, VG wood, 95% bbl. blue, receiver is starting to turn brown, exc. wood & bore, very rare gun, article on Thorsen is in Grant s book Single Shot Rifles Finale on page 15, T.M. Thorsen was located in Camden NJ, very interesting gun. $4950

thumbnail#148A SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 PARADE GUN, 32 ½ bbl., 45 70, light cartouche on left side of stock, 2 bbl. bands, bbl., breechblock, hammer & rear tang have all been nickel plated, no rear sight, VG dark colored wood, 95% nickel finish, original ramrod & sling swivels. $695

thumbnail#156A SWISS SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 7.5 rimmed cal., 33 ½ oct. fluted bbl., underlever Martini action, checkered Schuetzen stock with large cheek rest, adjustable Schuetzen buttplate, Schuetzen lever, DST, sling swivels, adjustable sliding rear bbl. sight adjustable for windage & elevation, ramp blade front sight, stippled thumb rest on right side of stock, fancy swirled carving on right side of stock, top of receiver marked with an 11 in a circle, clustered Swiss banner & initials BP back to back, same proof marks are on matted bbl., full length matted rib with dovetail for rear bbl. sight to slide back & forth, mint bore, 99% bbl. blue, 99% casehardening on the action, beautiful condition. $4450

thumbnail#159A STEVENS HUNTERS PET 1ST MODEL, nickeled plated brass receiver, only the first couple hundred of these were brass framed rest were cast iron, SN 14X, 18 oct. bbl., 38 RF, matching skeleton stock, fair bore, 95% bbl. blue, exc. markings, original flip up elevator rear sight, pinhead globe front sight, 97% nickel on frame & stock, exc. wood grips, very scarce. $2500

thumbnail#167A GALLAGER CIVILWAR SRC, 22 bbl., converted to RF, replacement open rear sight, original front sight, iron patchbox on right side of stock, fair bore, metal turning gray patina, VG markings, lockplate marked Mfg. by Richardson & Overman Phila., Gallagers Patent July 17 1860 , saddle ring bar with saddle ring, VG wood except for repair at toe. $1195

thumbnail#255A WIN. HI WALL TAKEDOWN RIFLE, 22 short, 28" #3 oct. bbl., Lyman #52A tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, folding carbine style rear sight, Lyman hooded front sight, bbl. is factory tapped for scope blocks with filler screws, markings are offset to side, exc. bore, 90% blue overall, crescent buttplate, exc. wood, rare takedown feature. $4500

thumbnail#286A JOSEPH HEINIGE O/U COMBINATION GUN, 9.3 & 16 ga., 25" bbls., matted rib inlayed in gold "Joseph Heinige In Wien", folding rear sight, ramp bead front sight, flip up tang sight that folds down into the tang & is flush with upper tang, outside hammers are very unusual, they are almost flush with the action then as they bend in they go into the firing pin at an angle, receiver & locks are engraved with scroll engraving, set trigger for rifle bbl., checkered PG stock with cheek rest, engraved steel PG cap, steel buttplate with trap for extra cartridges in butt, checkered forend, sling swivel, 95% original finish on the metal, casehardened receiver & locks, mint bores, exc. wood with nice figure, truly unusual & exceptional O/U combination gun. $2495

thumbnail#301A WIN. HI WALL VARMINT RIFLE, 219 Imp. Zipper, 31" heavy rd. bbl., one piece stock, very rare, have only seen one other, similar gun is pictured on Page 162 in Woodchucks & Woodchuck Rifles" by Landus, I believe Eric Farr was probably the maker, action is fully enclosed in stock, cheek rest & PG with aluminum PG cap trustworthy recoil pad, sling swivel, scope blocks on top of the bbl., mint bore, exc. wood, 98% blue. $2250

thumbnail#307A GEORGE SMITH DBL. 12 BORE RIFLE, 28" bbls., 4 leaf express rear sight, engraved outside hammer locks marked "George Smith", also rib is marked "George Smith New Bond St. London", damascus bbls. with 95% damascus finish, exc. bores, Jones side swing lever style action to break bbls., sliding hammer safeties on locks, checkered PG stock with engraved PG cap, fancy wood with cheek rest & checkered & engraved steel shotgun buttplate, heart inlayed into wood behind upper tang, reinforcement screw in wrist, checkered forend with horn forend tip, sling swivel eyelets on stock & underneath bbls., very well made English Dbl. Rifle in a large bore. $6950

thumbnail#308A GEORGE C. SCHOYEN SS TARGET RIFLE ON A HI WALL ACTION, 35 cal., 30" rd. tapered bbl. marked "George C. Schoyen Denver", scope blocks, Win. veneer tang sight, Beech combination front sight, plain Win. wood with crescent buttplate, original Win. Hi Wall forend, 98% original browning on bbl., receiver is turning gray, no finish remaining, action nice & tight. $5500

thumbnail#309A WIN. HI WALL SEMI DELUXE RIFLE, 30 40 Krag, 30" #3 rd. bbl. marked "nickel steel barrel especially for smokeless powder", Win. PG stock with Win. PG cap, steel crescent buttplate, Win. forend with snobble end & horn inlay, Win. Lyman tang sight, Win. hooded aperture front sight, sling swivel eyelet in bottom of bbl., mint bore, 100% bbl. blue, 99% blue on action, SST, one of the cleanest Hi Walls I've seen & in as close to mint as you can find. $9500

#318A SYSTEMAYDT GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, very unusual gun with unusual engraving, action is engraved with a figure 8 lengthwise on the receiver with floral engraving intertwined, carved dog's head on the end of the forend with glass eyes, beautiful work, Schuetzen DST & lever & buttplate, all 3 sights, tang rear, sliding rear bbl. sight & ramp front sight with 2nd front sight that pops up by turning square headed screw on right side of bbl., matted rib on blued 32" bbl., matting goes full length of the bbl. in between two flutes, also has a matted rib that rear sight slides on, sling swivels, checkered large Schuetzen stock with large cheek rest, mint bore, 98% blue on the nitro proofed bbl., has 90% casehardening on the action but thinning, very unusual Schuetzen. $4250


#326A WEBLEYWILEY BREECH LOADING ENGRAVED HUNTING RIFLE, 450 #2 musket, 28" rd. bbl., engraved with vines & has the usual W&S under the sign of the bullet on the right side of the receiver, top of bbl. marked "P. Webley & sons Birmingham", 3 leaf rear sight with platinum inlays, also has standing H style sight on the same base for longer ranges up to 1000 yards, silver blade front sight dovetailed into a raised portion of the bbl., checkered PG stock with horn PG cap that has a sliver of horn about 1/8" wide chipped from left side, curved shotgun steel buttplate, silver plaque on bottom of stock with initials "A.W." for the name A. Williams which is on the outside of an original leather case that comes with the rifle, checkered forend with horn forend tip,, good to VG bore, good rifling but some light pitting in the grooves, casehardening is mostly faded but engraving & markings are VG, 90% blue, VG wood with some figure, complete with original oak & leather case plus original boxed set of reloading accessories in the original box marked "450 #2 Musket", I have never seen a set of tools like this in the original case, also original early brass paper patch mold in VG condition, case is in good condition, very rare rifle, I have only seen 3 Webley Wileys, this is the first in the hunting configuration, Grant has information on this rifle in his book "More Single Shot Rifles" on page 257 & 259, they were used in the early Creedmore Matches & were very successful, also over on page 130 & 131 in the book "Target Rifles & Australia 1860 to 1900" by J.E. Corcoran there is more information on this rifle, possibly the only Webley Wiley Sporting Rifle in existence, person I got the gun from said he purchased it from an Oregon Family who used it back in the buffalo hunting days. $9500

thumbnail#343A MAYNARD CIVILWAR BREECH LOADING PERCUSSION CARBINE, 50 cal., 20" bbl., sharp inspectors cartouche, exc. wood, carbine steel buttplate, original carbine sight, solid blade front sight, saddle ring bar with saddle ring on left side of receiver, 90% original casehardening on receiver, 95% bbl. blue, mint bore, beautiful example. $4750

thumbnail#364A WIN. HI WALL SPECIAL ORDER SEMI DELUXE RIFLE, 32-40, 28" #3 part oct. bbl., not cut for open sights, has 30 ½" full length Malcolm scope, early micrometer target mounts, 99% bbl. blue, 95% blue on the receiver, fancy burl wood straight grip stock with crescent buttplate, burl wood forend, 70% thinning blue on scope, needs to be cleaned, mint bore, very unusual gun, factory letter states gun was shipped with fancy wood & no sight slots. $6500

#366A SIMON HEIM ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, rare Gouda Percha engraved palm rest attached to forward part of lever, never saw this before, left side of receiver engraved with a man sitting on a stump with a rifle & waving at his dog, right side in a round vignette with a man standing & tipping his hat with a church in the back ground, original large eye piece tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, pin head front sight with protectors, DST, sling swivel, checkered Schuetzen stock with cheek rest & Schuetzen buttplate & lever, carved forend, small chip of wood out of thumb rest, mint bore, matted bbl. marked "Simon Heim Nuernberg", 99% bbl. blue, 98% casehardening on engraved receiver, very unusual deluxe rifle. $5500

thumbnail#371A ADAM SCHURK MUNCHEN GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 32" oct. bbl. marked "Adam Schurk Munchen", bottom marked "7.6 MM, 3.25.548 12", Aydt System, German Schuetzen tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, pin head ramp front sight with protective ears, made in 1925, one pin in lever for taking off lever, large checkered Schuetzen buttplate with large cheek rest, Schuetzen lever, DST, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening on action & buttplate, wedge fastener for forend, finest quality wood I've ever seen in a Schuetzen Rifle. $3750

thumbnail#372A COLT EXPRESS LIGHTNING PUMP ACTION RIFLE, 38-56, 28" oct. bbl. marked "38-56-255", in near mint condition with original open rear sight & silver blade front sight, steel crescent buttplate with most of the bright factory blue intact but thinning, 98% blue on the receiver, 99% blue on bbl. & magazine, mint wood, checkering on forearm is perfect, mint bore, beautiful gun, never seen one better. $25,000

#384A AYDT ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 32" fluted oct. matted bbl., inlayed in silver on top of receiver "H. Speeman Neuss", detachable DST assembly, sling swivels, Schuetzen lever, engraved with a man dressed in 17th Century costume holding a firearm surrounded with floral engraving, left side completely covered with same type of floral engraving, Tyrolean checkered stock with large cheek rest & Schuetzen buttplate, adjustable tang sight for elevation & windage, ramp blade front sight, exc. bore, refinished wood is in exc. condition, 90% blue on bbl. & receiver. $2950


thumbnail#391A SHARPS MODEL 1878 BORCHARDT OFFICERS MODEL, 45-70, 32" bbl., only 10 numbers off from 6623 numbered gun pictured in Frank Sellers book on page 274, less than 50 made, very rare, this one is in near new condition except for a couple tiny dings in stock, minor blue wear on side of rear bbl. band, 4 holes on top of bbl. for scope blocks, now filled, rear tang is not tapped for sight so must have been drilled for scope at factory, Barden's Patent rear sight, wood panels in sides of receiver, nicely figured wood with straight stripe, original sling swivels & cleaning rod, 99% casehardening & blue, original checkered shotgun steel buttplate, mint bore, most of these rifles were presented to influential Military men according to Seller's book. $22,500

thumbnail#392A GERMAN O/U SHOTGUN/RIFLE COMBINATION GUN, 27" bbl., 9.3 X 72 & 16 ga., lightly engraved frame & bbls., raised matted full length rib, folding 2 leaf rear sight, bead front sight, claw mount bases for scope, no scope, nitro proved, action is nicely engraved with 1/4 coverage, top tang safety, cocking indicators, set trigger for rifle bbl., checkered PG stock with horn PG cap, thin rubber recoil pad, cheek rest, sling swivels, Deeley style lever forend release, snobble tip on forend, 99% bbl. blue, 80% casehardening on receiver. $2750


thumbnail#403A STEVENS MODEL 49 SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 25-25, special order 34" part oct. bbl., engraved with scroll pattern, also has special checkering on the forend with 2 sizes, very unusual, never saw this on a Stevens before, looks very nice, very fancy burl wood PG cheek rest stock with Schuetzen buttplate, small S curve to bottom of PG, DST, Lyman 103 tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, pin head globe front sight, Stevens #480 18" scope with target mts., exc bore, 92% bbl. blue, 80% casehardening fading on the action, buttplate starting to turn brown patina, very rare configuration. $8500

thumbnail#408A F. SMITH DBL. PERCUSSION RIFLE SHOTGUN COMBINATION, 44 cal. rifle & 32 ga. shotgun, top of rib marked F. Smith , both locks marked Smith , VG bores, metal has a nice even brown finish, adjustable rear tang sight, rear bbl. sight, set trigger for rifle bbl., exc. wood, exc. mechanical condition, original wooden ramrod. $1450

thumbnail#411A STEVENS POPE BALLARD SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 33-40, 30" Stevens Pope heavy oct. bbl. on a Ballard DST action, Ballard checkered Schuetzen stock with cheek rest & nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, snobble forend with checkering on end of snobble, very unusual, bbl. #1244, action #292XX, Pacific style lever, TD style action with cross pin, J.W. Fecker scope with target mounts, pin head globe front sight, action casehardening colors turning silvery, 98% bbl. blue, VG wood with very small hair line crack coming back on the upper part of the buttstock next to the frame where they normally start to crack, very fine figured wood, mint bore. $9995

thumbnail#412A SHARPS BORCHARDT MID RANGE TARGET RIFLE, 40-70 Sharps straight (40-2 ½), 28" rd bbl. stamped "Old Reliable Sharps Rifle Co. Bridgeport Ct.", rare paneled action, very fancy deluxe burl wood, checkered with PG, checkered forend, checkered Sharps shotgun butt, Sharps long range veneer tang sight, flip up Lawrence rear sight, spirit level pin head globe front sight adjustable for windage, exc. wood, mint bore, 95% fading casehardening, 99% bbl. blue. $8950

thumbnail#413A STEVENS POPE SPECIALWITH ENGRAVED 44 ½ ACTION, 33-40, 30" heavy oct. bbl., original false muzzle, action engraved with a scroll pattern, extra fancy deluxe checkering with bottom of PG also checkered, forearm is also checkered with 5 pointed pattern, classic Stevens Pope stock with high comb, casehardened Schuetzen buttplate, bbl. is the same width as action, Pope SN 659, Pope style lever, DST, Stevens veneer tang sight, aperture veneer front sight, extra fancy burl wood stock, checkering & wood are in exc. condition, hole in bottom of buttstock for some type of sling, mint bore, 100% recasehardening on action lever & buttplate, 100% bbl. reblue bbl., colors match the Stevens colors, original false muzzle is numbered to the bbl., just like the ones pictured in the Stevens Pope catalog. $11,950

thumbnail#414A STEVENS MODEL 54-44 ½ ENGRAVED CUSTOM RIFLE, 22-3000 R2 Lavell, 24" rd. bbl., owned by Ed Adams who was a famous shooter, half rib, 54 action is engraved with geometric pattern with a monogram space on each side, no initials have been engraved, checkered PG stock with PG cap, beautiful burl wood Monte Carlo stock with cheek rest, Niedner checkered buttplate, checkered forend with sling swivel, also sling swivel in bottom of stock, DST, Unertl 12X scope, no provision for open sights, tang sight base, 24" bbl. has a liner specially installed probably by Ed Adams, also inlayed in silver plate on bottom of forend & bottom of stock are initials of Ed Adams, casehardening colors are fading on the action but the engraving stands out vividly, wood to metal fit is wonderful, mint bore, complete with forming & sizing dies by Pacific & RCBS as well as gauges & loading tools from Belding & Mull, empty 22-3000 R2 Lavell cases, beautiful target rifle from a famous shooter. $6500

thumbnail#415A STEVENS DELUXE FAVORITE, 22 LR, 22" part oct. bbl., PG stock, curved hard rubber buttplate marked "Stevens Favorite", ebony inlay in forend tip, Lyman tang sight, Beech combination front sight, exc. bore, 98% bbl. blue, 99% nickel on the frame, exc. wood except for repaired crack in wrist area, did not go through the stock, nicely repaired, scarce. $2500

thumbnail#426A EARLY MEUNIER PERCUSSION RIFLE, 41 cal., 33" oct. bbl., DST, checkered stock with pewter forend cap, large Schuetzen buttplate, fancy spur trigger guard, original tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, pin head front sight, brass tipped ramrod, very unusual rear sight, exc. wood, sharp checkering, exc. bore, 95% metal finish on bbl., exc. working condition, unmarked but looks exactly like a Meunier. $3550

thumbnail#436A STEVENS RELIABLE POCKET RIFLE MODEL 42 2ND ISSUE, 22 cal., 10" bbl., complete with matching shoulder stock, Stevens V notch rear sight adjustable for windage, bead front sight, good bore, 95% professional reblue on bbl., 80% nickel on frame, VG wood grips. $895

thumbnail#443A STEVENS NEW MODEL POCKET RIFLE 2ND ISSUE (BICYCLE RIFLE), 22 RF, 12" bbl., rare variation of the bicycle rifle, spur trigger guard numbered to the gun, also has very unusual skeleton buttstock that appears to be numbered to the gun but has a different design with serrated butt & made in 3 pieces, fits into the dovetail in bottom of butt & backstrap, works the same as other bicycle rifles but is shaped differently, probably after market, open rear sight & bead front, bbl. blue is turning a brown patina, 90% nickel on bbl., exc. wood grips, 90% nickel on shoulder stock, fair bore, very unusual. $995


thumbnail#451A STEVENS NEW MODEL BICYCLE RIFLE 2ND ISSUE, 38-35 smoothbore, 18" part oct. bbl., complete with original Stevens skeleton stock but it is not original to this gun, numbers do not match, brass frame, semi circle plate on side of frame, bushing for firing pin in the frame, firing pin & extractor are missing, bbl. markings are good, poor bore, 40% nickel on the brass frame, bbl. blue has turned brown, 70% nickel on brass wire stock, VG wood grips, scarce caliber.  $750

thumbnail#455A STEVENS LARGE FRAME SIDE PLATE MODELWITH 2 SETS OF BBLS., 22 & 25-20 SS, 22 cal. bbl. is 24" part oct. with its own forend, stock has nice figure with nickeled Swiss buttplate, Stevens veneer tang sight, aperture globe front sight, frame is in the white, bbl. has 97% blue, exc. bore, 25-0 SS bbl. is 28" full oct., aperture veneer front sight, its own matching forend, exc. bore, 90% blue, 2 bbl. outfit is all matching & cased in a late wood case with red felt lining, complete with Lyman #6 loading tool & mold, breech seating tool, extra breech block & extractor for the extra bbl.. $4950

#481A SCHMIT & HARTMANN GERMAN SS TARGET RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 30" oct. bbl., top of bbl. matted, checkered stock with large cheek rest & Schuetzen butt, spur Schuetzen lever, DST, large aperture rear tang sight, ramp blade front sight, mint bore, VG wood, 95% casehardening on receiver, 95% bbl. blue, casehardening on buttplate has mellowed out to a gray patina, sling swivels, Martini style action. $2250

thumbnail#486A VILLFORTH MARTINI ENGRAVED SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 30" oct. fluted bbl., top of bbl. marked in gold "Villforth Essingen", receiver engraved on the right side with a man guzzling beer, left side has man smoking a pipe with a rifle over his shoulder, carved stock with man holding rifle on left side in a vignette scene, rest of engraving is mostly floral design, large Schuetzen tang sight, no made for a peep sight but has a slot to sight through, typical protected pinhead front sight, SN 2924 underneath bbl. & 172.28 stands for 1928, 02 over 7 & then typical proof marks, large S stamped near receiver, typical Schuetzen stock but carved, 100% bbl. blue with 98% casehardening on receiver, beautifully engraved deluxe rifle. $5950

#487A C. STIEGELE GERMAN SCHUETZEN ON THE MARTINI STYLE ACTION, 8:15 X 46, 30" oct. bbl., marked under bbl. "Prima Kruppscher Gusstahl", top of matted rib marked "C. Stiegele KGL BAYR, Hofgewehrfabrik Munchen", back of breech block marked "System Stiegele" with patent number, original large globe tang sight with matching SN, ramp bead front sight with protective ears, Schuetzen checkered stock with large cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate, mint bore, 99% blue on bbl., 98% casehardening on receiver, looks like some light pitting underneath casehardening, could be just the lacquer, mint wood, DST, Schuetzen lever, sling swivels. $3550

#490A J. HAPGOOD NEW ENGLAND PERCUSSION FOWLER, 10 ga., 42” bbl. is turning brown patina, solid wood rib complete length of bbl., engraved front action lock marked “J. Hapgood”, brass furniture, VG wood, good working condition, replaced ramrod.  $695

thumbnail#493A STEVENS MODEL 54-44 1/2 SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 30" heavy part oct. bbl., matching nos., engraved Stevens frame with elk on left side & a mountain lion on right with scroll engraving around it & border engraving around that, deluxe fancy checkered stock with cheek rest & Schuetzen buttplate, nice figure in wood, fancy checkered forend with palm rest, ball & spur lever, DST, original Stevens vernier tang sight, spirit level vernier front sight with aperture, Stevens #475 scope with target mounts, exc. bore, 90% bbl. blue, 30% casehardening on frame, the highest grade SS target rifle Stevens made. $14,500

thumbnail#500A WIN. HI WALL SPORTING RIFLE, 32 40, 30" #3 rd. bbl., full length Stevens #466 scope about 8X, SST, exc. optics in scope with 95% blue, 99% bbl. blue, 98% blue on action, exc. to mint wood, crescent steel buttplate, mint bore. $5750

thumbnail#529A WIN. LO WALL SPECIAL ORDER RIFLE, 26" 1/2 oct. bbl., steel shotgun butt, SST, sling swivel loops in bottom of bbl., original buckhorn open sights, thick wall frame, 95% bbl. blue, faded casehardening on frame, VG wood, exc. bore, bbl. has been relined to 22 WRF, scarce cal., factory information included. $2250

thumbnail#532A WIN. HI WALL H.M. POPE SCHUETZEN MUZZLE LOADING RIFLE, 33 40, 30" part oct. #5 bbl. marked "Rifled by H.M. Pope Hartford Ct.", checkered straight grip Schuetzen stock with cheek rest & large nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, Schuetzen spur lever, DST, Win. veneer tang sight & veneer windage front sight, 16" Stevens #368 scope with Stevens target mounts, checkered forend, buttstock & forearm are not original Win., but probably replaced when Pope re rifled the bbl., mint bore, 95% bbl. blue, exc. scope, 98% nickel plating on the buttplate, exc. wood, missing the false muzzle, 40% casehardening on the frame. $8500

thumbnail#533A H.M. POPE HI WALL DELUXE MUSKET, rare 30 40 Krag, 30" rd. bbl. marked "Stevens Pope", Pope markings under bbl. over 0 with a large P underneath, #953 under P, Hi Wall deluxe muskets are very rare & this one has the Pope bbl. in a rare Pope cal., 3X checkered PG musket stock with Win. PG cap, checkered deluxe forend with ramrod, trapdoor style Buffington flip up rear military sight, Beech combination front sight, sling swivels, musket steel buttplate, Pope style narrow land rifling but right hand twist, 95% bbl. blue, receiver turning gray patina, some casehardening colors on lever, wood is VG, small ding on left side of forend the size of a dime, exc. bore very rare gun. $6500

thumbnail#536A STEVENS NEW MODEL POCKET SHOTGUN MODEL 39, 44 Stevens Everlasting, 18 1/2" bbl., complete with shoulder stock, no SN on gun or stock, exc. bore, 90% bbl. blue turning brown, 90% nickel on action, 80% nickel on skeleton stock, scarce, less than 1000 made. $1450

thumbnail#540A REM. ROLLING BLOCK SHORT RANGE SCHUETZEN STYLE TARGET RIFLE, 40 50 Sharps B.N., 30" oct. bbl., checkered PG stock with cheek rest, & Gouda Percha PG cap, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, veneer short range tang sight, veneer globe front sight, mint bore, bbl. has 2 sight slot inserts, one for the regular long base Rem. bbl. sight & the other for the level indicator, nice figure at rear of stock up into the cheek rest, 90% nickel on buttplate, bbl. is mostly gray with very little finish except for up under the wood, frame has traces of casehardening nice & tight, works well. $3950


thumbnail#550A STEVENS HUNTERS PET, 22 RF, 18" 1/2 oct. bbl., matching stock, Veneer Model but missing the veneer tang sight, open rear bbl. sight, Beech combination front sight, VG bore, 95% bbl. blue, 90% nickel on frame, skeleton stock has 90% nickel, VG wood grips. $1179

thumbnail#590A WIN. HI WALL EXPRESS RIFLE, 45 Express, 30” #3 rd. bbl., 3 leaf express rear sight with platinum inlays, silver blade in front sight, extra Parker & Hale target front sight with different inserts for sighting arrangements, Parker & Hale brass aperture holder in bottom of stock which holds different apertures, steel shotgun butt engraved “W.L. Winans A521 4”, Mr. Winans was a famous target shooter in the 1800’s, authored many books & was involved in quite a few matches & a famous rifle & pistol shot, mint bore, British proofs on both sides of bbl., 99% casehardening colors on receiver, 97% bbl. blue, VG wood. $7500

thumbnail#618A ENGRAVED PERCUSSION SIDE X SIDE 10 GA. SHOTGUN, 32” bbls., inlayed in gold “Super Fine Twist” on the rib, front action locks are engraved with viney type engraving, trigger guard, buttplate, locks, forend tip are all engraved with the same pattern, brown twist pattern on the bbls. is in VG condition, not much for wear, 2 ramrod swivels, one is a replacement, brass tipped wooden ramrod, silver plate in bottom of stock, VG checkered wood, forearm checkering is worn, very nice percussion dbl. shotgun, left hammer screw has been replaced. $695

thumbnail#625A STEVENS RELIABLE POCKET RIFLE #42 2ND ISSUE, 22 cal., 10” bbl., correct style skeleton buttstock however number does not match, VG bore, adjustable rear sight, bead front, exc. grips, 100% bbl. blue, 98% nickel on frame & stock, original Stevens leather holster for gun & stock in VG condition. $1195

#637A SMITH CIVIL WAR SRC, 50 cal., 21 ½” part oct. bbl., early SN 91X, 99% bbl. blue, 90% casehardening on the receiver slightly dull on left side, exc. wood with sharp inspectors cartouche, original carbine flip up rear elevator sight, post blade front, mint bore, initials LFR in left side of bbl., beautiful gun. $3750

thumbnail#650A H.M. POPE WIN. HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 30” ½ oct. bbl., matted on 3 flats on the oct. portion, very rare, exc. checkered Schuetzen PG stock with cheek rest & Helm Schuetzen buttplate, Schuetzen DST, Schuetzen spur lever, Pope palm rest, exc. burl wood, checkered burl wood forend with ebony tip, Pope style false muzzle, not rifled, Win. A5 scope, Win. veneer tang sight, spirit level veneer front sight, exc. bore, H.M. Pope markings on bottom of bbl. “21-1.41”, Pope #322, bbl. marked on side because of the matting “H.M. pope Hartford CT”, 95% blue overall, casehardened lever, beautiful & rare example of the Pope Hi Wall Schuetzen Rifle. $14,500

thumbnail#653A SHARPS BORCHARDT CUSTOM VARMINT RIFLE, 25 Krag, 28” tapered rd. bbl., custom checkered straight grip stock with shotgun butt & cheek rest, nice striped figure in the stock & wood forend, snobble tip, Niedner style checkered buttplate with light engraving around border, 6X Unertl scope with Unertl mounts, globe front sight adjustable for windage, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening on action, in mint condition, no signs of wear at all, workmanship is superb & probably the work of Niedner. $5750

thumbnail#654A KERSTEN ANTINIT O/U ENGRAVED SHOTGUN, 12 ga., 31” bbls., extremely full choke almost down to a 16 bore, fully raised matted rib with 2 ivory beads, action engraved with game scenes, left side has a fox watching 4 pheasants flying, right side has 2 pointers watching 4 grouse flying, both are in an outdoor scene with brush, trees, hills & so forth, bottom of frame has a hawk sitting on a dead Mallard in an oval, also has “FCR” initials in gold on bottom of trigger guard with engraved scene around it, bbls. are also engraved & marked “Bohler Antinit”, right side of bbls. marked “Nitro”, SST, ejectors, cocking indicators, top tang safety, flat panel on both sides of stock behind the receiver, fancy checkered PG with engraved steel PG cap, oval gold inlay in bottom of stock, leather covered recoil pad, 15” pull, checkered forend with Deeley lever forend release, beautiful condition with 100% bbl. blue, mint bores, 100% casehardening, very high quality. $8500

thumbnail#659A SHARPS NIEDNER MODEL 1874 TARGET RIFLE, 38-55, 30” heavy #5 or 6 rd. bbl., mint bore, 100% blue, 85% casehardening, fine burl custom wood, Schuetzen buttplate, DST, bbl. stamped “Niedner Rifle Corp Dowagiac Mich.”, veneer tang sight & windage front sight, very rare & in superb condition, factory records say the gun went out as a sporting rifle in 1877 to Kitridge & Co. & was originally 45 cal.. $9,500

#660A GERMAN SCHUETZEN MARTINI TAKEDOWN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 28” oct. bbl., mint bore, 98% blue on bbl. turning brown, 100% casehardening, exc. Schuetzen wood, DST, sling swivels, large eyepiece on tang sight. $2250

thumbnail#671A WIN. HI WALL SCHUETZEN, spur lever, 30” #4 oct. bbl., full Schuetzen checkered PG stock with cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate, DST, palm rest, checkered forend, veneer tang sight, veneer aperture front sight, Malcom 21” scope with Malcom target mounts, mint bore, 98% blue overall, mint fancy burl wood, 2” age crack on right side of stock, scarce. $14,500

#685A WIN. HI WALL, 45 Express, 30” rd. bbl. marked “Made Especially For Oakes & Comp. Madras”, steel shotgun butt, mint bore, open sights, metal looks refinished, possibly by the company, 98% blue, VG wood, very rare gun in 45 Express, very few made. $6500

#686A WIN. HI WALL DELUXE SPORTING RIFLE, 22 short, checkered PG stock, very fancy burl wood, Win. hard rubber shotgun butt, checkered forend with ebony forend tip, 30” oct. bbl with markings on the side, Win. veneer tang sight, blade front, open rear sight, VG bore, metal has been refinished. $3500

#688A WIN. HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 30” #3 oct. bbl., Win. markings are offset, scope blocks on the bbl., veneer tang sight & spirit level veneer front sight, DST, Win. spur Schuetzen lever, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, checkered wood, large cheek rest, exc. bore, 90% casehardening on receiver fading slightly, 90% bbl. blue. $7950

#691A SPENCER SPECIAL ORDER POSSIBLY A PRESENTATION RIFLE, 50 cal., rare 44” rd. bbl., fancy burl wood stock, 2 presentation plates, one is in the shape of a Spencer cartridge on the left side “Rank P”, right side has an oval plaque with the names “Abraham Shokey, by AC Jennings, Joseph Hill, H. Powell, L. Powell, M. Wright, Weldon Read, Jas. Blanchford, R.C. Talbott, Fisher”, forearm is 18” with pewter forend tip, open sights, tang sight, curved metal buttplate, mint bore, exc. wood, 98% bbl. blue, casehardening on frame is fading, markings are nice & clear, very rare gun. $19,500

#704A FRANK WESSON MEDIUM FRAME TIP UP POCKET RIFLE, 30 cal., 15” bbl., flip up 2 position rear sight, bead front sight, SN 38, less than 500 made, markings are good but faint, 2 holes in top of bbl. for sight or scope, exc. wood grips, missing skeleton buttstock, most were made in bbl lengths of 10” or 12”, very scarce with 15” bbl.. $650

#707A JEAN SIBER PERCUSSION SWISS SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 41 cal., 32” oct. bbl., full stock, open rear sight, pin head hooded front sight, marked “Jean Siber” on lockplate & on top of the bbl., engraved nickel plated patch box on right side of stock, DST, original tang sight adjustable for elevation & windage, Schuetzen buttplate, sling swivels, fancy Schuetzen trigger guard, 3 fancy knurled ramrod ferrels, trigger guard goes all the way to rear ferrel, 3 key wedges holding bbl. in place, mint bore, 97% original brown finish on the bbls., exc. wood, large cheek rest on left side of stock, 2 silver inlays opposite the lock, very ornate & well proportioned, horn forend tip, original cleaning rod. $3500

#713A STEVENS MODEL 52-44 ½ ENGRAVED RIFLE, 32-40, 30" part oct. bbl., fancy checkered PG stock with cheek rest, casehardened Schuetzen butt, fancy checkered forend with 2 screws, all matching, original Stevens vernier tang sight, pin head globe front sight, DST, frame is engraved with scroll pattern, very nice border engraving on forward & rear of the receiver, mint bore, 99% blue 97% casehardening, mint wood. $12500

#720A#720A PHILLIP KLEIN AMERICAN PERCUSSION SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 41 cal., 30" heavy oct. bbl., pin head globe front sight, adjustable tang rear sight, adjustable for windage & elevation, bbl. marked "Phillip Klein NY", DST, Schuetzen buttplate, fancy nickeled spur trigger guard, nickeled forend tip, exc. bore, 90% thinning brown finish on the bbl., VG wood with checkered wrist, small chip out of corner of cheek rest. $2750

#724A WIN. HI WALL DELUXE CUSTOM RIFLE, rare 22 Hornet and so marked on the bbl. but chamber has been opened up to 22 Savage, 24" rd. #3 bbl., close coupled DST, original checkered PG Win. deluxe stock with an added cheek rest, professionally done, grain even matches the original stock, rubber recoil pad, checkered custom forend with horn forend tip, sling swivels, Unertl 6X target scope with Unertl target click adj. mts., mint bore, 100% bbl. blue, no blue on the receiver, exc. wood, scope is exc.. $3500

#729A WIN. HI WALL CUSTOM SPORTING RIFLE, 6.5 X 40, 24" tapered oct. bbl., top flats matted, left side of bbl. marked "B Blindfe", Belgium proof marks, possibly made by Francotti, beautiful rifle with 99% casehardening on the receiver, close coupled DST, checkered straight grip French deluxe walnut stock & checkered French walnut forend, steel shotgun buttplate, sling swivels, English vernier tang sight, blade ramp front sight, exc. bore, proof marks on top of the action & bbl., bbl. is in the white, 99% casehardening on receiver, beautiful light stalking rifle, weighs 6 ¼ lbs., pictured in Grant's "More Single Shot Rifles", page 286.  $4500

#732A STEVENS MODEL 44 ½, 32 Ideal, 28" part oct. Pope bbl. #1909, standard straight grip stock with crescent buttplate, Stevens vernier tang sight, Beech combination front sight, mint bore, top of bbl. marked "Stevens Pope Mfg. by Stevens Arms & Tool Comp. Chicapee Falls, MA USA", SST, 40% casehardening, 90% blue, nice & tight, very rare Pope cal.. $4500

#733A HAENEL ORIGINAL AYDT TAKEDOWN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, original Schuetzen tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, pinhead ramp front sight with ears, sling swivels, DST, Schuetzen stock with small cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate, 99% bbl. blue, 99% casehardening on the receiver, mint bore, bbl. marked "Bohler Stahl", top of bbl. marked "C.G. Hanel Suhl", top of frame marked "Hanel Original Aydt", not engraved, outside extractor, mint wood. $2750

#735A BALLARD #4 PERFECTION MODEL, 40-70 Ballard, 30" bbl., mint bore, exc. wood, crescent steel buttplate, vernier tang sight, open rear & blade front, very nice condition for this model. $5500

#736A ZISCHANG MARLIN BALLARD SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 30" tapered oct. bbl., large Schuetzen Zishang stock, nickel plated Schuetzen buttplate, 3 finger lever, DST, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue, 90% casehardening on receiver starting to fade, exc. wood, Unertl 24X scope, target mounts, fancy wood but no checkering. $9500

#761A BUFFET FLINTLOCK JAEGER RIFLE, 58 cal. rifled, 26" heavy oct. bbl., exc. full length wood with cheek rest & horn tip, brass furniture, brass tipped ramrod, sling swivels, bbl. blue is getting thin & turning brown otherwise in exc. condition, open sights, device on rear ferrule that will lock the ramrod in place. $2500

#774A DERRINGER MODEL 1817 US FLINTLOCK RIFLE, 36" bbl. marked "NWP" with larger P underneath that, tang marked "1841", lockplate marked "US Derringer, Phila. 1841" behind hammer, 58 cal., original sights, cleaning rod, 3 bbl. bands, patchbox on right side of stock, sling swivel on trigger guard & center bbl. band, good wood with traces of 2 cartouches on left side of stock, wood is worn & probably was refinished at one time, a 3/4" X 3/4" piece of wood missing from right side of upper tang next to bbl., iron buttplate marked US, good working condition, quite a bit of pitting on the bbl. near the pan, fair bore. $3500



#776A#776A F.I. MACK PERCUSSION SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 40 cal., 33" oct. bbl., engraved lock, tang, trigger guard & buttplate, top of bbl. marked "F.I. Mack Waldkirch", tang mounted rear sight adj. for elevation & windage, rear bbl. sight adj. for elevation, hooded pin head front sight with knurling on both ends, DST, spur lever, Schuetzen trigger guard & buttplate, checkered stock with cheek rest, initials CR in silver shield on left side of forend, horn tipped ramrod mounted on a solid rib underneath bbl., iron tip on forend is engraved & also has the same knurling as the front sight, single wedge holding bbl. to forend, mint bore, 90% browning on the bbl. getting thin in areas, exc. wood except for a crack that goes through the checkering on right side of wrist, looks to have been repaired, nice burl wood in stock, sling swivel eyelets, beautiful rifle.  $3550

#780A#780A FLINTLOCK SMOOTHBORE MUSKET, very large cal. about 7/8' in diameter, 33" part oct. bbl., 2 bbl. bands, exc. bore & wood, 3 sling swivels, steel buttplate, gray/brown patina on the bbl., exc. smooth metal, no pitting, steel ramrod under bbl., Belgium proof marks on left side of bbl., very unusual gun in an unusual configuration.  $1995

#784A#784A WIN. MODEL 73 MUSKET, 44-40, SN 3696XXB, Military style flip up rear sight, full length wood with 3 bbl. bands, sling swivels, musket buttplate with trap, cleaning rod in trap, mint bore, 100% blue on bbl., receiver & buttplate, professionally refinished, looks like new except for some tiny pits near the forend in an area about 1 1/4" long.  $3250

#786A SLAVIA MODEL 618 AIR RIFLE, 17 cal., 14" bbl., top of frame marked "Made in Czechoslovakia", adj. rear open sight, pin head front sight, 100% blue, exc. wood, some scratches in finish, shoots well. $195

#795A#795A BRUNSWICK STYLE PERCUSSION RIFLE, 30" bbl., 75 cal. smoothbore, percussion back action lock, bayonet lug on right side of bbl., brass buttplate, trigger guard & forend tip & ramrod swivels, no markings, large brass patchbox on right side of stock, open flip up rear sight, sling swivels, 3 wedges holding bbl. to wood, metal turning brown, ramrod under bbl. $950

#797A L. F. GERICKE PERCUSSION JAEGER OR HUNTING RIFLE, 58 cal., 28" oct. bbl. marked "L.F. Gericke in Spandau", engraved lockplate also marked "Gericke in Spandau", full length one piece stock with horn forend tip, checkered wrist, checkered patchbox sliding cover outlined in silver wire, also lockplate outlined in silver wire as is the opposite side of stock, DST, engraved horn & metal trigger guard, original Rosewood brass tipped ramrod with 2 ferrels, 2 wedges holding bbl. onto stock, sling swivel eyelet, cheek rest also outlined in silver wire, fancy two position rear sight, brass blade front sight, brass shield behind upper tang with initials "W.O. Niedernall St. N. 13", exc. bore, beautiful burl wood stock, exc. wood, bbl. is mostly in the white as is lockplate. $2950

#799A H.M. POPE HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 30" oct. bbl. marked "Rifled by H.M. Pope Hartford Conn.", Pope bbl. #258, code is 21 over 141 & so marked on the bottom of the bbl., made for false muzzle but is missing, Hi Wall thick wall action with Pope lever, DST, checkered Win. PG stock with cheek rest & Schuetzen buttplate, checkered forend with horn wedge snobble tip, Win. vernier tang sight, windage front sight, Stevens #141 scope, exc. optics, Pope clamp mts., exc. bore, 100% blue, mint wood except for a couple of pressure marks on the cheek rest, very fancy wood, beautiful Pope rifle worthy to be put in any body's collection. $8500

#813A FORTENBACH O/U COMBINATION RIFLE SHOTGUNS, 27" bbls. with solid matted rib marked "I. Fortenbach Munchen", 16 over 9.3 X 72, engraved frame with floral design, some light engraving on bbls., doll's head extension, underlever bbl. release, cocking indicators, top tang safety, Deely & Edge forend fastener, checkered PG stock with horn PG cap, basket weave horn buttplate, cheek rest, checkered forend, sling swivels, exc. bores, folding rear sight, bead front sight, 95% bbl. blue starting to turn, action is mostly gray, probably casehardened at one time but is gone, weighs only 6 lbs.. $1950

#822A HENRY SEARS DBL. RIFLE, 28" bbls., engraved with game scenes & tight scroll, both lockplates are marked "H. Sears & Comp.", top of bbl. marked "Henry Sears & Comp. Chicago Ill.", very interesting vernier tang sight adj. for elevation & windage & engraved, 3 position folding rear sight, Beech combination front sight, beautiful checkered PG French burl walnut stock with horn buttplate, checkered forend with engraved Deely & Edge release, doll's head extension on matted rib, side lever bbl. release, sling swivels, relined to 30-40 Krag cal., exc. bores, outside hammers are exc. & beautifully scalloped to fit in with rest of the gun, compass in the PG cap. $5950

#823A#823A BEAUTIFUL FRENCH FLINTLOCK FOWLING DBL. SHOTGUN, 33" bbls., 28 ga., engraved metal, beautifully shaped locks curve inward at the rear with a little tear drop shaped extension, very nicely engraved & chiseled trigger guard with urn finales at both front & rear, extends almost 2/3 way to butt, butt is beautifully shaped & mortised into a wavy pattern on the side of the stock, raised carving on cheek rest, wrist is finely checkered with raised carving, engraved silver diamond shaped shield with an oval inside inlaid into top of wrist, very nicely chiseled forend tip in the shape of an urn with 2 nicely urn shaped cleaning rod ferrels with original cleaning rod, very finely checkered forend with single wedge fastener, double triggers with one larger than the other, raised carving around the forward & rear part of checkered forend, sling swivels, exc. wood is real fine French style walnut, top of bbls. are stamped with the family crest also inlaid in gold is "Canon" & initials OFDU, beautiful fowler, one of the best ones I have had the pleasure of owning. $12,500

#828A GERMAN AYDT SCHUETZEN RIFLE, engraved, 32-40, 32" oct. bbl., matted top, graduated peep tang sight for elevation & windage, aperture front sight with protective ears, beautifully engraved action with stags on left side & a beer maiden on right with village in background, engraving is much better than normally seen on these guns, it's first class, DST, Schuetzen butt & lever, exc. checkered Schuetzen stock & forend, sling swivels, nitro proofed, exc. bore, 99% bbl. blue, 95% casehardening on the frame & buttplate, bbl. has been set back 3/4" when it was changed from 8:15 to 32-40 however it was professionaly done & only sign of it being done is where they moved the wedge back 3/4", engraving itself would cost more than $5000, complete with Ideal mold. $3450

#832A REM. NY STATE CONTRACT ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE, 36" bbl., 50-70, original flip up military rear sight, post front sight, original cleaning rod, sling swivels, 2 bbl. bands, left side of receiver marked "Model 1871", right side marked "US Springfield 1872", mint bore, 95% casehardening on the receiver, bbl. is turning brown, exc. wood. $3250

#834A REM. NY STATE CONTRACT ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE, 36" bbl., 50-70 CF, flip up military adj. rear sight, post front sight, original cleaning rod, sling swivels, 2 bbl. bands, left side of receiver marked "Model 1871", right side marked "US Springfield 1872", insp. cartouche faintly visible on left side of stock with letter P above it, VG bore, bbl. is starting to turn brown, muted casehardening colors on the receiver, exc. wood. $2000

#835A SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1884 CADET RIFLE, 29 1/2" bbl., 45-70, SN 3603XX, exc. bore, sight is graduated to 1400 yds., sling swivels, cleaning rod, 1" chip out of upper tang on left side, exc. wood, no insp. cartouche visible, metal starting to turn brown, some light casehardening colors on breech block. $1200

#837A SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1884 RIFLE, 45-70, VG bore, sling swivels, cleaning rod, original military rear sight adj. for elevation & windage, blued breech bolt marked "1873", 97% blue, VG wood. $1250

#840A ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN 22 RIFLE, underlever dropping block design, adj. sliding rear sight for elevation & windage, ramp blade front sight, DST, large Schuetzen stock with deep cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate & lever, border engraving around the outside edges of metal, #3 stamped on side of the bbl., 31" oct. bbl., sling swivel eyelettes, exc. stock, VG forearm with small repair to a sliver of wood near the forward part, top of bbl., matted, 98% bbl. blue, 97% casehardening on action & buttplate.$3750

#842A VETTERLI MODEL 1878, 10.4 X 42 R cal., 33" bbl., SN 2017XX, left side of receiver marked "Waffenfabrk Bern M.78", spur trigger guard, exc. bore, matching nos. on bbl. & receiver, 80% blue, VG wood, sling swivels, missing the cleaning rod, original graduated rear sight, post front sight, bayonet stud on right side of bbl. band. $475

#843A VETTERLI MODEL 1870 CADET RIFLE, 26 3/4" bbl., 10.4 X 42 R cal., very scarce, SN 51XX, mint bore, Swiss style graduated rear sight that flips up, post front sight, cleaning rod, sling swivels, 99% blue, mint wood. $950

#846A WIN. HI WALL SPECIAL ORDER RIFLE, made especially for John M. Olin Owner of the Win. Repeating Arms Co. & is engraved by Joseph, 38-55, 30" #4 wt. bbl., SN 1131XX, engraved with a ram in a mountain scene on the left side & a buffalo in a plains scene on right, both are in a vignette surrounded by gold line, receiver is outlined in gold, 2 gold rings at the breech & 1 at the muzzle, lever & buttplate are outlined in gold & engraved, bbl. is also engraved near the breech end & muzzle, also engraved underneath the bbl. in front of the forend, fancy deluxe uncheckered wood, SST, typical open rear sight, brass blade front sight sight, wood is highly figured, VG bore, 99.9% blue, 100% casehardening on the receiver, buttplate, hammer & breech block, beautiful rifle with some historic background. $12, 950

#848A STEVENS MODEL 47-44 1/2, 32-40, 30" part oct. heavy bbl., 1 3/32 at breech end, SN 70XX, matching nos., Schuetzen buttplate, PG Schuetzen stock, Stevens vernier tang sight, late Lyman globe front sight, no provision for rear sight, single trigger, exc. bore, 95% casehardening on the receiver, 98% bbl. blue, exc. wood, 2 screw forend, lever droops, works well. $2850

#852A#852A SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1878 TRAPDOOR, 32 1/2" bbl., 45-70, SN 4610XX, VG cartouche in stock dated 1879, original cleaning rod, sights, exc. bore, 70% blue thinning, VG wood. $750

#858A LADLEC KEATING OR FREUND UNUSUAL SS DROPPING BLOCK RIFLE, 40-70 Sharps Bottleneck, 26" oct. bbl., false hammer on right side used for cocking, very unusual latch mechanism to hold lever up, very fine rear sight shaped like a Freund sight, blade front sight, wedge fastener for the forend, horn forend snobble tip, raised wood behind receiver flows back behind the stock, stock is very fancy circassion walnut, fine scalloped steel crescent buttplate, exc. bore, mfg. around 1870's, 50% bbl. blue thinning, casehardened action turning a gray patina, no pitting, dropping block shaped much like the FARQUHARRISON breech block, exc. bore, very unique piece. $7500

#859A SCHOYEN BALLARD SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 32" heavy 1/2 oct. bbl. is nearly as wide as the action, DST, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, nickeled Swiss buttplate, checkered forend with snobble tip, bbl. is 1 1/4" wide at the breech end, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue, faded casehardening colors to a splotchy blue gray, VG wood, scope blocks on the bbl. no provision for sights, 3 finger loop lever, screw in right side of frame for mechanical bullet seater. $4750

#862A STEVENS TIP UP RIFLE, rare 32" oct. bbl., all matching, chambered for the 44-50 Stevens Everlasting cartridge, exc. bore, Stevens flip up rear bbl. sight, pinhead globed front sight like the ones found on Stevens Hunters Pets, 95% bbl. blue, some light areas of discoloration, 90% nickel finish, burl wood stock with nickeled crescent buttplate, beautiful unusual gun in very rare caliber. $2450

#863A STEVENS 44 1/2-45 TARGET RIFLE, 25-21, 28" 1/2 oct. bbl., mint bore, 99% blue, 98% casehardening, Schuetzen butt, rare SST, vernier tang sight, globe front sight, mint wood, near new condition. $3950

#864A WIN. HI WALL, 45-70, 30" #3 oct. bbl., nickeled Swiss buttplate, Lyman tang sight, Unertl 6X scope with target mounts, exc. bore, 98% bbl. blue, 95% casehardening on receiver starting to fade, exc. wood, sling swivels in bottom of buttstock. $5500

#873A R . MARHRHOLDT IN INSSBRUCK GERMAN SCHUETZEN TD RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 29 ½" oct. bbl. matted & marked "R Marhrholdt in Innsbruck", action is fully engraved with floral patterns, DST, Schutzen stock with large cheek rest, Schutzen butt plate, large tang mounted peep sight adjustable for windage and elevation, matted ramp front sight, excellent bore, 97% case hardening colors on the frame, 85% bbl. blue, sling swivels, has patches on the stock from different Schutzen matches.  $3500

#884A FRENCH FLINTLOCK DBL. FOWLING PIECE, marked in gold on top of the bbls. “Canon Cordu”, 32” bbls., 20 ga., beautifully sculptured locks, gold floral pattern at rear of bbls., looks like tulips, raised carved fancy French walnut stock with cheek rest, leaf & floral pattern carving, same type of floral carving around upper tang with silver shield inletted into center of this, checkered PG & checkered forend with iron finale at front of forestock, sling swivels, very ornate steel buttplate, bbls. retain most of the blue but turning an even patina, old crack in right side of stock goes into the checkering but looks solid, not very noticeable at all, very ornate 1700’s fowling piece. $3500

#885A WIN. HI WALL IN THE RARE 32 extra long cartridge, 24" #1 oct. bbl., SN 53X, only 9 made, very rare caliber, early model with oct. receiver, made in 1886, SST, crescent buttplate, buckhorn rear sight, blade front sight, fair bore, some casehardening showing on the receiver, 60% bbl. blue starting to turn brown, VG wood, factory letter. $2950

#886A WIN. HI WALL, in rare 30-30, 28" #3 rd.nickel steel bbl., only about 105 made, SN 567XX, SST, buckhorn rear sight, blade front sight, exc. bore, completely refinished, 99% reblue & 99% recasehardening, crescent buttplate, exc. wood, factory says it was shipped in the 38-55 but was returned & rebarreled by the factory. $2500

#887A WIN. HI WALL EARLY MODEL WITH OCT. RECEIVER, SN 16XX, made in 1886, 28" #1 oct. bbl., SST, in the rare 38 CF long cartridge, only 8 made, rear buckhorn sight, Beech combination front sight, traces of casehardening on receiver, 80% bbl. blue starting to turn brown, crescent buttplate, exc. wood, good bore, factory letter. $4250

#888A STEVENS 044 1/2 ENGRAVED RIFLE, 25-21, 28" part oct. bbl., SN 57XX, beautifully engraved action with a flower motiff in a circle on both sides, beautiful scroll work on the rest of the action, 95% covered, original Stevens stag fancy buttplate, Lyman tang sight with large eyecup, Beech combination front sight, exc. wood, 90% bbl. blue, 95% finish on the receiver, exc. bore. $3950

#890A GERMAN BA TARGET RIFLE, 8:15 X 46 cal., 32" oct. bbl., DST, fancy spur trigger guard, steel shotgun butt, sling swivels, casehardened frame with about 90% remaining, 98% bbl. blue, good bore, adj. rear sight for elevation, adj. ramp front sight for windage, VG checkered cheek rest stock, tang set up to accept a Schuetzen style diopter sight, circa 1880. $1200

#893A STEVENS MODEL 52-44 ENGRAVED SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, SN 95XX, 30" part oct. bbl., all matching, engraved or etched frame with pointer on left side & a running rabbit on right with scroll engraving around borders, DST, 3 finger loop lever, checkered Schuetzen stock with cheek rest & PG, casehardened Schuetzen buttplate, checkered forend with one screw, early model with 7 o'clock extractor, vernier tang sight, Beech combination front sight, 19" Stevens #438 scope with very unusual target mounts, have never seen anything like this before, several dials to change elevation & windage in both the front & rear mounts, very finely made, these mounts are worth researching to see who made them, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue thinning at the muzzle, 98% casehardening on the receiver, 98% casehardening on Schuetzen butt, beautiful gun. $6000

#897A SHARPS BORCHARDT SHORT RANGE CREEDMORE, SN 170XX, 26" rd. bbl., 40-50 str., rubber panels in the casehardened action, flip up rear bbl. sight, hooded bead front sight, mint bore, beautiful fancy burl wood checkered PG stock, hard rubber PG cap, original checkered hard rubber buttplate, checkered forend with snobble tip, 98% bbl. reblue, 100% recasehardening on the action. $7500

#898A WIN. LO WALL RIFLE, 23" #1 rd. bbl., 22 WRF, very fast taper bbl. unmarked, may be experimental rifle, open rear sight, high mounted blade front sight, exc. bore, VG wood, steel crescent buttplate, blue is turning a brown patina. $1000

#900A WIN. HI WALL SPECIAL ORDER ENGRAVED RIFLE, 32-40, SN 105109, 24" rd. nickel steel bbl.,factory matting the full length, silver plated Swiss buttplate, lever & screws in the action, factory engraved with border scroll engraving, according to factory letter engraved with border style #10, close coupled DST, PG stock with Win. PG cap, large cheek rest, inletted diamond shaped piece of wood in right side of stock about 1" long, stock reinforced at the wrist with 1/4" diameter ebony pin, extra fancy figured forend with holes for palm rest, Lyman tang sight, folding rear sight, Beech combination front sight, good bright shiny bore, 95% bbl. blue, 90% blue on the receiver, 90% silver plating, complete with factory letter, only a handful of Win. Hi Walls were factory engraved. $14,500

#903A AIRROW STEALTH MODEL ABS209 NAVY SEAL GUN, air or CO2 powered, 17" bbl. to shoot arrows for target or hunting purpose, 13 arrows included, complete with CO2 tubes & Brass Eagle CO2 tank, supposedly shoots arrows at a much faster speed than crossbows, Simmons Whitetail Classic scope & takedown stock, price list for different accessories & so forth, enclosed in fitted case. $1795

#905A STEVENS MARKSMAN #12, 26" bbl., 44-shot, SN N8X, VG wood with checkered hard rubber Stevens buttplate, small ding in bottom of stock, 80% bbl. blue, action turning brown, exc. working condition. $495

#912A BALLARD #6 1/2 RIGBY, 30" rd. bbl. with Rigby flats, 32-40, vernier tang sight, windage front sight, action is engraved with running deer on left side, bear on right side, fancy checkered PG stock with Swiss buttplate, checkered forend with horn forend tip, checkering is worn on forend, metal turning a brown patina, fair bore, lever needs to be tightened. $3250

#914A PEABODY MARTINI LONG RANGE CREEDMOOR, 44-100, 32" part oct. bbl., checkered PG stock with metal shotgun buttplate, checkered forend with metal tip, SN 3XX, complete set of matching sights numbered to the gun; 5" tang sight, 6 1/4" heel position vernier sight, original Peabody Martini spirit lever vernier front sight, left side of receiver engraved "Creedmoor", right side engraved "Peabody Martini patents", 90% casehardening on receiver, fading on the left side, 98% bbl. blue, mint bore, VG wood, very scarce. $9500

#917A G.E. LEWIS SS TIP UP RIFLE, 22" bbl. with Rigby flats, relined to 25-35, casehardened engraved frame, checkered straight grip fancy French walnut stock, steel buttplate, checkered forend, Jones underlever turns to side to break open action, outside hammer, frame & lock are engraved, lockplate marked "G.E. Lewis", Barska 1.5X to 6X variable scope, 99% casehardening colors on the action, 98% damascine finish on the bbl., 13 3/4" LOP, nice little rifle. $1950

#921A PEABODY MARTINI LONG RANGE CREEDMOOR RIFLE, 44-100, 32" part oct. bbl., SN 10X, original Peabody Martini Mid Range vernier tang sight, spirit level vernier front sight, tang sight base #18, VG checkered buttstock & forend, some dings in the buttstock, casehardened steel shotgun buttplate, mint bore, 98% casehardening, 98% blue. $8500

#922A STEVENS SMALL FRAME SIDE PLATE MODEL, 22 RF, 22" rd. bbl., Stevens tang sight, open rear sight, Beech combination front sight, VG wood with curved steel buttplate, VG forend, 95% bbl. blue, receiver finish is turning a nice even gray patina, no pitting, exc. bore, very scarce, 4 screw model, repaired crack in wrist. $1850

#924A WIN. MORGENSTERNS SS RIFLE, 41 RF, 30" heavy oct. bbl., 95% brown, marked "Slotten & Co. Phil., Wart Gain Twist", 95% casehardening on receiver, marked "Win. Morgensterns Pat. June 6, 65 Philadelphia, PA USA Wm. P. Wilstock", mint bore, fancy open sights, VG to exc. wood, lot of dings in finish, mentioned in Grants More Single Shot Rifles, page 163. $4500

#925A UNUSUAL & UNKNOWN SS DROPPING BLOCK RIFLE, 32-40, 27" part oct. bbl., looks like a Hi Wall but is not, exc. bore, bbl. turning brown, nickeled receiver with about 60% nickel remaining, VG checkered Maple style stock with nickeled Swiss buttplate, Lyman tang sight, open rear sight, adj. windage front sight, this gun or one like it is pictured in Jim Grants "Single Shot Rifles Finale" page 15 & is attributed to T.M. Thorsen of Camden NJ about 1900, he died in 1907. $3250

#926A C.B. HOLDEN TIP UP MID-RANGE TARGET RIFLE, 28" part oct. bbl., 40 CF, original mid-range vernier tang sight, windage front sight, rear sight is missing, original engraved nickel plated brass frame, scroll engraving with floral design, rear oct. portion of bbl. is also nickel plated & marked "C.B. Holden maker Worester", rest of bbl. is rd. & has knurled rings all the way to muzzle giving it a damascus look, this is probably one of a kind, Holden made quite a few different types of SS rifles none of which he made very many, this has a checkered deep PG with nickeled & engraved PG cap, nickeled checkered shotgun butt, exc. bore, 80% finish on the forward part of bbl. & about 80% nickel on frame & rear portion of bbl., small crack behind frame on left side, this is pictured on page 151 of the James D. Julia Auction Catalog of Collection of Elden Owens, Oct. 4 & 5, 2004, unique thumb lever latch on right side of hammer to break open bbl.. $7500

#931A ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 28" oct. bbl., Martini action, engraved in a scroll pattern, VG checkered figured wood with cheekrest, silver plate inletted into left side of stock with the name "Carl Nolte", Schuetzen buttplate, DST, replaced forend, original adj. rear bbl. sight, adj. pin head front sight, original leather sling & case, firing pin hangs up on chamber when opening action. $995

#932A US 1797 COMMONWEALTH OF PA FLINTLOCK MUSKET, 69 cal., 40" bbl., 6 3/8" lockplate marked "Miles" behind hammer, made by John Miles, US marked front of hammer, missing pan, rear piece of upper tang & rear bbl. band, several major repairs to fore stock, metal pitted but markings still visible, rare. $1200

#938A PEABODY MARTINI LONG RANGE CREEDMOOR RIFLE, 44-100, 32" bbl., checkered straight grip stock, checkered forend, engraved "What Cheer" on left side of frame, Peabody Rifle patents, vernier tang sight numbered to the gun, long range vernier front sight, also base for heel sight, mint bore, exc. wood, 97% bbl. blue, 30% casehardening fading on frame, top of bbl. marked 44 cal.-100 GRS. $7500

#940A H.A. BUCK SS TARGET RIFLE, 40-63 Everlasting, 27" part oct. bbl., top of nickeled receiver marked "H.A. Buck & Co. West Stafford, CT", exc. bore, 95% bbl. blue, 80% nickel finish on receiver, original long range vernier tang sight, windage aperture front sight, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, checkered forend, very rare, date April 8, 1879. $2700

#940A H.A. BUCK SS TARGET RIFLE, 40-63 Everlasting, 27" part oct. bbl., top of nickeled receiver marked "H.A. Buck & Co. West Stafford, CT", exc. bore, 95% bbl. blue, 80% nickel finish on receiver, original long range vernier tang sight, windage aperture front sight, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, checkered forend, very rare, date April 8, 1879, pictured in Grant’s book More Single Shot Rifles, page 161. $6950

#945A WIN. 73 RIFLE, 32-20, 24" rd. bbl., 100% reblue, exc. wood buttstock, VG forend, original sights, markings are exc., VG bore. $1950

#949A BURNSIDE CIVIL WAR SRC, 21" bbl., blue turning brown, casehardening fading to grey, fair to good wood, VG bore, saddle ring bar slightly bent. $1495

#950A REM. ROLLING BLOCK LONG RANGE CREEDMORE, 44 S, 34" bbl., SN 20XX, bottom of bbl. marked "L.L. Hepburn", exc. checkered PG stock, metal tip on forend, long range vernier tang sight with base for heal position sight, steel shotgun butt, vernier hooded front sight, no provision for rear sight, 98% bbl. blue, 98% casehardening, beautiful all original rifle. $9500

#952A BALLARD 6 1/2 RIGBY, 22 LR, 27 3/4" rd. bbl., special order rifle engraved with the owners name on right side of action "M.L. Styers", surrounded by vine engraving, left side engraved "Ballard", beautiful custom checkered PG stock with cheek rest, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, checkered forend, checkered trigger, original Ballard vernier tang sight, vernier front sight, Lyman 5A scope & mounts, AW Peterson bbl., mint bore, 99% bbl. blue, 90% casehardening on action fading, pictured in John Dutcher's book on Ballards, page 233. $9950

#953A BALLARD EARLY RIGBY 6 1/2, 38-55, 28" rd. bbl., engraved with the typical Nemschke fine engraving, deer on left side, buffalo on right, surrounded by floral engraving, checkered cheek rest stock with Swiss buttplate, checkered forend with horn forend tip, Ballard tang sight, Lyman front, engraved Rigby flats, low SN 333X, light casehardening on frame, 90% blue on bbl., VG bore. $5995

#954A E. Anschutz Dbl. Percussion 50 cal. Rifle, 23" bbl., top of rib & also both lockplates are marked "E. Anschutz Phila.", open sights, original brass tipped ramrod, checkered fancy circassion walnut stock with blued steel shotgun butt, front action locks, casehardened locks, brown bbls. & rib, casehardened upper tang & breech area, str. grip stock, mint bores, mint condition throughout, like brand new. $6950

#955A OSHKOSH TRAP GUN DBL. SHOTGUN, 12 ga., 28 1/2" bbls., SN 124XX, outside hammers, action marked "Oshkosh Trap Gun Oshkosh Arms Co., Oshkosh Wis.", damascus bbls., poor bores, fair to good wood, original hard rubber buttplate, 90% damascus finish, action turning brown, button forend release, rare. $295

#959A STEVENS POPE BALLARD #6 SCHUETZEN, 32-40, 27 1/4" #5 oct. bbl., beautiful checkered PG stock with cheek rest, nickeled Schuetzen butt, checkered snobble forend, DST, Pope spur lever, Pope tang sight, bbl. marked "Stevens-Pope Mfg. by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co., Chicopee Falls Mass. USA", also Pope marking on bottom of bbl., 90% faded casehardening, action engraved with deer on left side & bear on right, surrounded by scroll engraving, also has false muzzle, bullet starter & palm rest, mint bore. $6950

#960A TRIPLETT & SCOTT CIVIL WAR CARBINE "REPEATER", 50 RF, 22" bbl., left side of bbl. marked "Kentucky", original sights, 90% casehardening, 98% blue, exc. to mint wood, VG bright bore, one sling swivel, magazine tube in butt. $3450

#961A MERRILL CIVIL WAR 1ST ISSUE CARBINE, 54 cal., 22" bbl., 95% even blue on bbl., exc. wood with brass patch box, trigger guard, bbl. band & butt, saddle bar & ring on left side of stock, VG wood, nice even patina on brass, never cleaned. $3250

#962A STEVENS POPE MODEL 47, 22 short, 26" part oct. bbl., original owner Capt. Bradley A. Bartlett, famous rifle & pistol Marksman in the late 1800's, in 1889 broke Doc. Carver's record breaking 64,017 balls in the air over a 6 day period, bbl. marked "Stevens-Pope Mfg. by the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. Chicopee Falls Mass, USA" Pope number 1160, mint bore, exc. checkered PG stock with Schuetzen buttplate, exc. checkered forend, DST, original Stevens #368 scope & target mounts, 98% bbl. blue, casehardening on receiver turning silvery, affidavit from Florence Bartlett Mecusker, daughter of Bradley A. Bartlett stating her Father special ordered this rifle from Stevens, also a leaflet from Buffalo Times 1889 billing him as the American Rifle King. $7500

#963A AMERICAN GUN CO. DBL.. SHOTGUN, 410 ga., 26" bbls., outside hammers, sideplate marked "American Gun Co. New York", exc. bores, 80% bbl. finish thinning, 85% casehardening on receiver, exc. checkered wood, original hard rubber buttplate. $895

#964A JOSLYN MODEL 1862 CIVIL WAR SRC, 52 RF, 22" bbl., original sights & saddle ring, brass trigger guard, butt & bbl. band, bbl. has a nice brown patina, lockplate stamped "Joslyn Firearm Co., Stonington Conn.", exc. bore, 80% casehardening on saddle ring plate, VG wood. $2250

#965A MAYNARD 2ND MODEL CIVIL WAR SRC, 50 cal., 20" rd. bbl., original sights, 98% bbl. blue, exc. bore, exc. wood with sharp inspectors stamps, casehardening on receiver turning brown patina. $2500

#966A BURNSIDE CIVIL WAR SRC 4TH MODEL, 54 cal., 21" bbl., original sights, VG wood with inspectors stamp, 60% casehardening on frame thinning, 90% blue turning, good bore, sling swivel, saddle ring & bar, some dings in wood. $2950

#967A SMITH CIVIL WAR SRC, 55 cal., 18" bbl., probably made to shoot game, smooth bore, original sights, saddle ring & bar, original metal buttplate, 95% casehardening, 95% blue, exc. .bore & wood. $1950

#969A JOSLYN MODEL 1862 CIVIL WAR SRC, 52 RF, 21" bbl., original sights, brass trigger guard, buttplate & bbl. band, metal turning a grey patina, fair bore, VG wood, some light pitting on lock. $1795

#972A Unmarked 41 cal. brass frame engraved SS rifle, 41 RF, 22” oct. bbl., beautifully engraved brass frame, center hung hammer, small button on right side depresses bbl. to tip up, open sights, rear sight is very unusual as it has a brass inlay on corners, bead front sight, top of bbl. is engraved at muzzle & rear, front sight appears to be silver, engraved crescent buttplate appears to be silver or bright, large metal trigger guard, single trigger, engraving looks like Nimski style, exc. bore, repair at the top tang where the screw goes into the wood, 98% light blue on bbl., no finish on the brass, probably never was, VG wood stock, tiny wood forend with engraved metal rear, everything is first class & well made but unmarked, very weird gun, one of a kind. $4500

#975A SHARPS MODEL 1878 SHORT RANGE RIFLE, 40 cal. 1 7/8, 26” rd. bbl., 97% bbl. blue, fading casehardening, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, Sharps monogram on buttplate, checkered snobble forend, vernier tang sight, ladder rear bbl. sight, aperture hooded front sight, exc. bore, hard rubber panel in frame, scope blocks on the bbl., rare.  $7950

#976A SHARPS BORCHARDT MID RANGE RIFLE, 40-70 SS, 30” rd. bbl., 100% bbl. blue, 70% fading casehardening, wood paneled action, checkered PG stock, original checkered buttplate, checkered forend, Sharps vernier tang sight, ladder rear bbl. sight, pin head globe front sight, exc. wood & bore, only a few of these made.  $9500


#977A MAUSER MODEL 71/84, 11 MM, 31 3/4” bbl., exc. bore, VG wood, original sights & sling swivels.  $775


#978A PERCUSSION SHORT RIFLE, 54 cal., 22” oct. bbl., DST, cheek rest checkered stock with recoil pad, adj. sights, wooden ramrod, 98% blue, exc. bore & wood.  $175


#979A REM. HEPBURN, 38-55, 28” part oct. bbl., exc. bore, 98% bbl. blue, traces of casehardening, VG checkered buttstock with exc. figure in the wood, steel butt, Lyman style tang sight with large eye piece, spirit level vernier aperture front.  $3750


#981A E. JAMES & CO. DBL. SHOTGUN, 6 bore, 34” bbls., rib & frame marked “E. James & Co. London”, checkered PG stock & forend in VG condition, damascus bbls., finish getting thin but mostly there, good bores, outside hammers, rebounding hammers, horn forend tip missing, steel shotgun butt, rare.  $1750


#982A HENDRICKS BALLARD 6 1/2 FACTORY ENGRAVED RIFLE, 25-21 Stevens, 24” 1/2 oct. bbl., Hendricks checkered frond & horn cap, engraved silver escutcheon, French PG walnut checkered stock with cheek rest, nickeled Swiss butt, gold inlayed bbl. with engraving at end of forend, frame is engraved on left side with deer, bear on right side, rest is engraved with intertwining scroll work, Ballard vernier tang sight, spirit level windage front sight, Hendrick 1 piece scope base 7 1/2” long, Ballard parts all match, mint bore, 99% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening turning dark, 98% nickel on buttplate, beautiful example of Hendricks work.  $8900


#984A CUSTOM BALLARD 2 BBL. SET, Ballard Pacific action, 30” oct. bbl. in 45-70 with forend, 34” oct. bbl. in 44-75 with forend, DST, crescent buttplate, Lyman tang sight, hooded front, no extra holes, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening, both bbls. have mint bores.  $3250


#985A FIELD SS DROPPING BLOCK RIFLE, 577/500 #2, 28” rd. bbl., 2 leaf folding rear sight, blade front, checkered straight grip stock, steel shotgun butt, checkered forend, eyelets for sling, bbl. marked “Made Expressly for W.H. Thorne & Co. St. John N.B.”, exc. bore, exc. wood, 60% blue thinning, complete with loading dies, mold, bullets & 60 cases.  $4500


#989A INVESTARM PERCUSSION RIFLE, 54 cal., 22” oct. bbl., DST, checkered cheek rest stock, adj. open sights, recoil pad, 100% blue & casehardening, wooden ramrod.  $225


#990A CONNECTICUT VALLEY PERCUSSION BLAZER RIFLE, 50 cal., 28” oct.. bbl., open sights, wooden ramrod, exc. wood with brass togs, leather sling, 95% blue, exc. bore. $175

#991A KING SS MODEL 21 BB GUN, VG condition, exc. wood, blue thinning.  $95


#992A BEEMAN MODEL R9 PELLET RIFLE, 20 cal., SN 16421XX, 14 1/2” bbl., exc. wood stock, Goldfinger trigger, 4 to 12X scope, 100% blue.  $550


#993A Smith Civil War SRC, 50 cal., SN 111XX, 21 5/8” bbl., near mint condition with 100% blue, 99% casehardening, mint bore & wood, sharp inspectors markings on left side of stock, Poultry & Trimble Agents.  $4500


#994A POTSDAM PERCUSSION MUSKET, 58 cal., 37” bbl., forend has been shortened to 4” in front of rear bbl. band, wood is in good condition, metal smooth & turning brown, flip up Military rear sight, lock works well, possibly Confederate.  $295


#995AEARLY MID EASTERN FLINTLOCK RIFLE, 60 cal., 48” bbl., circa about 1750 to 1850, 14 engraved brass bands, wood carved with vines, iron ramrod under bbl., bbl. is also engraved, interesting rifle.  $650


#996A INTERCONTINENTAL ARMS PERCUSSION RIFLE, 44 cal., 35” oct. bbl., single trigger, brass patchbox, good wood, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening on lock, crescent butt.  $165


#997A WIN. LO WALL DELUXE, 32-20, 28” part oct. bbl., SN 17XX, in mint condition with 100% blue & casehardening, vernier tang sight, checkered PG stock, crescent butt, checkered forend, circa 1896.  $6950


#998A FACTORY ENGRAVED PEABODY MARTINI LONG RANGE CREEDMORE RIFLE, 44-100, SN 18X, 32” part oct. bbl., vernier long range tang sight, vernier front sight, receiver is engraved with historic scene, Daniel Boone standing on hill overlooking Cumberland Valley, bear engraved on right side with scroll engraving surrounding scenes,  engraving done by John Urlick, fancy checkered French walnut stock & forend, steel shotgun butt, rear sight bases on tang & heel with matching numbers, traces of casehardening on frame, 95% bbl. blue, mint bore, less than 100 engraved.  $14,500


#1000A SHARPS BORCHARDT HUNTERS RIFLE, 40-50 BN, SN 68XX, 26” bbl., checkered shotgun butt, flip up rear bbl. sight, blade front, sling swivels, exc. bore, 98% blue overall, exc. wood, 98% factory finish on wood, rare, only about 62 made.  $6500


#1001A WHITNEY LADLEY LONG RANGE CREEDMORE, 44 cal., SN 95XX, 32” part oct. bbl., checkered PG stock with steel shotgun butt, pewter tipped forend, long range vernier tang sight, vernier front sight adj. for windage, exc. bore, bbl. blue turning brown, casehardening colors have turned silvery, some nice figure in the stock.  $7500


#1002A WIN. HI WALL SPORTING RIFLE, 32 Ideal, SN 1133XX. 28” #3 rd. bbl. marked “Nickel Steel Barrel Especially For Smokeless Powder”, Lyman tang sight adj. for windage & elevation, hooded aperture front sight & folding rear sight, DST, casehardened DST lever, shotgun butt, 99% blue, 100% casehardening on lever & breech block, mint bore & wood, very rare cal., only 200-300 made, with 50 rds. of ammo.  $6950


#1003A ORIGINAL SYSTEM AYDT ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, SN 14XX, 32 1/4” fluted oct. bbl., deep cheek rest stock carved with the figure of a man with a gun over his shoulder leaving a house, several barrels in the foreground, left side of receiver is scroll engraved with a flower design, right of frame has a vignette of a nobleman holding a rifle & pulling on his beard, top of receiver marked “Original System Aydt”, original Schuetzen tang sight with large eyepiece adj. for windage & elevation, pinhead ramp front sight with protective ears, exc. bore & wood, DST, Schuetzen lever & buttplate, 98% bbl. blue, 98% casehardening on receiver, dated July 1930 on bottom of bbl., bottom of bbl. marked “BI.G over 11 gr., 7.6 MM, over 46, 7.30, 47 under that, 1496”, in beautiful shape, forend carved with dog’s head & glass eyes.  $5000


#1004A STEVENS MODEL 45-44, 25-21, SN 148XX, 28” oct. bbl., 1 1/8” thick frame, exc. bore, 98% bbl. blue, extra holes in top of bbl. for scope block, all matching, 98% casehardening on frame, exc. wood with Schuetzen buttplate with 70% casehardening, Stevens tang sight, Beech combination front sight, Malcomb scope with exc. optics, target adj. mounts, DST.  $3950


#1005A CASED STEVENS NEW MODEL POCKET RIFLE 1ST ISSUE, brass frame, circular side plate on left side of frame, 2 sets of bbls., 1st one is 15” part oct. 32 S&W short, exc. bore, 20% bbl. blue, 70% nickel finish on frame, VG wood grips, matching skeleton stock, extra 15” part oct. 38-35 shot bbl. marked 38, bead front sight, exc. bore, all cased in the original Stevens wooden case with red velvet lining, partitioned off for ammo, has key, oil bottle, extra spring, wad cutter & primers, very rare outfit.  $2750


#1006A ST. GALLEN MARTINI SCHUETZEN TARGET RIFLE, 7.5 X 55, SN 12XX, 32” bbl., mint bore, receiver target peep sight, globe front, DST, Schuetzen lever & butt, marked “St. Gallen” on left side, “C. Widmer" on right side, also “Special Rifle Steel” on bbl., 100% blue.  $3750


#1007A J. PURDY DBL. PERCUSSION RIFLE, 69 cal., 30” bbl., 99% damascine finish,  1/2” wide rib marked “J. Purdy, 314 1/2 Oxford St. London”, engraved locks are also marked “Purdy”, elk engraved on right & left sides along with scroll engraving around it, engraved matchbox on right side of stock with elk running, exc. bores, 95% casehardening on locks & matchbox, engraved shotgun steel butt, engraved trigger guard with stags, looks like original wooden ramrod, exc. checkered straight grip wood with cheek rest, hammer safeties on locks, beautiful scarce gun.  $13,500


#1008A STEVENS MODEL 52-44 1/2, 25 RF, SN 87X, 30” oct. bbl., factory engraved & gold plated receiver, good bore with some light pitting, all matching, 99% bbl. blue, 90% gold plating on receiver, silver plated lever, DST, checkered PG stock with cheek rest & silver plated Schuetzen buttplate, checkered forend, Stevens vernier tang sight & globed front sight, no rear sight slot.  $8500


#1009A P. ODERHAMMER DRILLING, 9.3 X 72 rifle bbl., 16 X 16 shotgun bbls., 28” bbls., matted rib marked “P. Oderhammer Kge. Bayr. Hoflieferant München”, made in 1914, action is deeply engraved with oak leaves on top & scroll engraving on the sides & bottom, folding rear tang sight folds out of the tang, safety on top of frame on left side of release lever, cocking indicators for all three bbls., SST for rifle bbl., horn trigger guard with spur, horn checkered PG cap & checkered horn buttplate, cheek rest, trap in bottom of stock for extra cartridges, side clips, sling swivels, flip up rear sight, very unusual Carl Zeiss scope, lever release mount, eye caps, exc. bores, 90% bbl. blue, 50% casehardening frame, VG wood. $4900


#1011A SHARPS LONG RANGE CREEDMORE, 34” part oct. bbl., 44-100, SN 152XX, checkered PG stock with nice striped figure complete length from PG back, checkered panel on bottom of PG, steel checkered shotgun buttplate, checkered forend, top of bbl. marked “Old Reliable Sharps Rifle Co. Bridgeport CT”, Sharps long range heel sight, staff is 6 1/2” tall, Sharps vernier spirit level front sight, 90% casehardening, 99% bbl. blue, exc. bore, old repaired crack at wrist.  $25,000


#1012A AYDT REFORM #2 ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 32” oct. bbl., German Schuetzen diapter tang sight adj. for elevation & windage, pin head 2 position front sight with ears, large Schuetzen cheek rest, checkered stock, Schuetzen buttplate, DST, engraved with 2 deer on left side of receiver with floral surroundings, right side of receiver engraved with Diana Goddess of Hunt with a spear aiming at a running stag also surrounded by floral engraving, exc. bore, top of bbl. marked “A. Korinski, Erlangen”, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening on receiver, mint wood, underneath bbl. marked 439, 540, 172.28, 3.11, 574, top of receiver marked in gold “Original System Aydt”, 2 serial numbers appear in the face of the receiver.  $4500


#1013A PFEIFER RIFLE CO. SHARPS BORCHARDT CUSTOM SS VARMINT RIFLE, 250 Pfeifer Krag, SN 202XX, 29” heavy rd. bbl., mint bore, bbl. marked “Pfeiffer Rifle Co. Roscoe, CA”, 99% blue, checkered PG custom stock with large cheek rest, checkered steel shotgun butt, Rosewood PG cap & forend cap, checkered forend, J.W. Becker 12 X scope with target mounts, Jake Pfeiffer had a gun shop in Rosco CA in the 1930’s & 40’s, he did a lot of custom varmint work & developed quite a few varmint cartridges, he has been written up in several books on 22 varmint rifles, complete with a set of reloading & reforming dies.  $3500


#1014A STAR-D.E. MONTABLE SWISS SCHUETZEN TARGET RIFLE, 22 RF, SN 44, 29 1/2” oct. bbl., inlayed in what looks like silver “Star D.E. Montable” on left side of receiver, has border rope style engraving around the borders, full 1/3 rib towards rear of the bbl. with target rear sight adj. for windage & elevation & can be moved up and down the rib for different eye relief, raised ramp front sight protected with ears, matting on top of the bbl., dovetailed 1/3 rib of the bbl. is numbered from 1 to 15, light engraving on the bbl., bbl. is stamped “LLH” on bottom also “J.D.”, then looks like “Meyers. Coume”, checkered buttstock with large cheek rest & Schuetzen buttplate, also has Schuetzen lever & palm rest, DST, casehardened breechblock with 99% blue on the bbl. & receiver, exc. wood, exc.bore, checkered snobble forend with 2 screws, snobble forend tip, very serious target rifle.  $3500


#1015A FRANK WESSON CASED SET, 4 sets of barrels; 16” 25 cal. smooth bore, 16” 22 cal. with exc. bore, 15” 25 cal. with VG bore, 12” in unknown cal., all barrels have sights, with stock, 98% nickel finish on frame & stock, barrels have 95% blue, all cased in exc. walnut case lined with blue velvet, complete with 3 volume set of Frank Wesson Books that have this set pictured.  $8500


#1016A WIN. HI WALL RIFLE, 219 Zipper, 30” rd. bbl. marked Win. Proof Steel 219 Zipper”, very rare caliber, only a few made, late in production, custom Maple burl wood stock & forend, PG, steel shotgun butt, SST, scope blocks.  $3750


#1017A WIN. HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32-40, 30” oct. #5 bbl., checkered PG cheek rest stock, nickeled Schuetzen butt, nickeled lever & palm rest base, DST, checkered forend, 4X target scope, 80% finish on burl wood stock & forend, 95% blue on bbl., 50% casehardening on action, early rifle, no serial number.  $6500


#1018A WIN. MODEL 1886 RIFLE, 40-82, SN 1289XX, 26” oct. bbl., made in 1902, 95% blue, couple of small dents in right side of receiver, exc. original open sights, exc. wood, casehardened hammer & lever, crescent butt, exc. bore, slight roughness on corners of bbl. half way up.  $5500


#1019A FOREHAND ARMS COMP. DBL. SHOTGUN, 12 ga., 30” F&F bbls., top of frame marked “Forehand Arms Co. Worcester Mass.”, lightly engraved in a floral pattern, checkered PG stock with original checkered buttplate, PG cap has Co. logo, checkered forend with horn tip, 99% damascus finish on bbls., 70% casehardening on receiver, mint bores, matted rib.  $650


#1020A PEABODY SELF COCKING GUN, 42 Berdan CF, 30” bbl., bayonet stud on right side of bbl., monkey tail lever to open much like the first one only this is 2 pieces that incorporates another locking lever in the bottom of the main lever, locking lever fits into a slot in the top of the tang & locks the breechblock closed, depressing the latch lever will release the main lever & opens action automatically, the extractor is missing from this gun & right side of receiver has machining marks where some type of fitting was done, also has a hammer stud & machining was done to facilitate an outside hammer that is not needed on this gun, 80% casehardening on action, 98% bbl. blue, Military style rear sight graduated from 5-13, blade front sight dove tailed into a base on bbl., cleaning rod, sling swivels, left side of receiver marked “Peabody Patent July 22, 1862 Man’p’d by Prov. Tool Co. Prov. RI”, mint bore, exc. wood, steel Military buttplate, small S stamped on top of buttplate, 2 bbl. bands.  $3250


#1021A PEABODY CONVERSION OF A TOWER SHORT MUSKET, 577 CF, 30” bbl., 2 bbl. bands, lock plate marked “Tower 1863”, conversion is operated by monkey tail lever on top of stock, automatic extractor when lever is fully raised, outside hammer, Military rear sight with SN 26XX stamped on side, sight is graduated from 5-8, post blade front sight, cleaning rod, brass Enfield style buttplate, bbl. is blued with casehardened buttplate & receiver, exc. wood with #1483 stamped in left side of forend near the muzzle, bbl. bands have been blackened with lacquer, 97% finish including case colors, bottom of lower tang behind the trigger is marked “53F”, breechblock & opening lever all one piece.  $4750


#1022A PEABODY 1872 SPRINGFIELD TRIALS RIFLE, 45-70, 32 1/2” rd. bbl., this is 1 of 4 different rifles that Peabody submitted to the Army Ordinance Board of 1872, this was the last rifle #63 by the trials board, was subsequently rebarreled with a 45 cal. by the Springfield Arsenal for further testing, Military flip up rear sight, blade post front sight, complete with cleaning rod, 2 bbl. bands with sling swivels, breech block shows extensive work done on the experimental firing pin return spring, firing pin can be viewed through  an opening in top of the breech block, a line border around front of receiver, metal is mostly in the white, exc. bore & wood, receiver marked “Peabody Patent July 22 1862 Mfg. by Providence Tool Co. Providence RI”, also has experimental double extractor system, this rifle is shown in the photographic records of the Trials Ord. (Ofdenance memorandum 15 plate 63), H stamped on strap on left side & lower tang.  $3750


#1023A PEABODY EXPERIMENTAL RIFLE, 45 CF, possibly 11 X 47R (str. case), SN 494XX, 27 3/4” rd. bbl., 2 bbl. bands, nickeled receiver, buttplate, saddle ring bar, bbl. bands & forend cap, bbl. is also nickel plated but only retains 50% nickel, very unusual 3 leaf express rear sight on a heavy Military style base, blade post front sight, exc. bore, saddle ring on left side of stock, steel shotgun buttplate, exc. wood, 13” pull, probably for cadet use, smaller configuration than other Peabodys, forearm goes to 5” of muzzle, 70% nickel overall, no Peabody markings on the gun but definitely Peabody.  $3500


#1024A PEABODY 1867 PATENT MODEL, 50 RF, 33” bbl., 3 bbl. bands, Military style flip up 2 leaf rear sight, blade post front sight, lock plate on right side of frame unmarked, metal is in the white & in exc. condition, mint bore, exc. wood, separate lock plate along with breech block that tips down by pushing up on the rear tail of the breech block, top of breech block marked “Peabody Patent July 22, 1862”, one sling swivel on forward part of trigger guard, in mint condition.  $6500


#1025A PEABODY WESLEY SELF COCKING RIFLE, 42 Berdan CF, SN 3, 30” bbl., Military style rear sight, graduated from 6-13, cleaning rod, 2 bbl. bands, very unusual safety lever built behind the trigger, slides left to right, mint bore, 98% bbl. blue, 95% casehardening on the receiver, exc. wood except for chip missing at receiver, missing front sling swivel, rear swivel is there, under lever Martini action with built in release lever to lower breech block, bayonet out on right side of bbl..  $6500


#1026A PEABODY WESLEY RIFLE, 42 Berdan CF, 33” bbl. in the white, unfinished, very unusual safety behind the operating lever on the lower tang much like a Sharps, 2 bbl. bands, sling swivels, cleaning rod, never fitted for a rear sight, post blade front sight, small chip out of stock next to receiver otherwise wood is VG, 30% casehardening fading on the receiver, good bore.  $3950


#1027A MARLIN BALLARD #6 SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 38-55, SN 145XX, 34” extra long bbl., all matching numbers, action is factory engraved with a bear on left side & deer on right side, surrounded by leafy vines, DST, vernier tang sight adj. for elevation & windage, pin head globe front sight, fancy checkered wood stock with cheek rest, Schuetzen butt, spur lever, horn tipped checkered forearm, palm rest, exc. bore, blue turning brown, VG wood.  $6500


#1029A REM. HEPBURN RIFLE, 32-20 W, SN 72XX, 26” part oct. bbl., VG bore, Lyman tang sight, Beech front sight, checkered PG stock, top of bbl. has 3 dove tails for mounting scope, VG wood, bbl. blue turning brown, traces of casehardening on frame.  $1450


#1031A BALLARD #2 SPORTING RIFLE, 38 long, SN 167XX, 30” oct. bbl., original open sights, crescent buttplate, exc. bore, VG original wood, 97% blue on bbl., receiver smooth & bright, no rust.  $1195


#1032A SHARPS 1874 RIFLE, 45 cal., SN 1582XX, 30” part oct. bbl., vernier tang sight, steel shotgun butt, original forend, top of bbl. marked “Old Reliable Sharps Rifle Co. Bridgeport CT”, 98% bbl. blue, 30% casehardening on receiver, VG wood, exc. bore, buttstock looks like an old replacement.  $7950


#1033A C. STEIGELE MARTINI GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, SN 95XX, 30” fluted bbl., made in 1938, bottom of bbl. marked “53, 9514, 1721?8 Prima Kruppscher Guesstahl K”, sliding adjustable rear sight, pin head ramp front sight with ears, tang sight is missing, mint bore, top of matted bbl. is inlayed in gold “C. Stiegele Jun. Munchen:, 100% bbl blue, gold rings at rear of bbl., 99% casehardening on receiver, exc. checkered wood with medium cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate, DST.  $3500

thumbnail#1741A J. BULLARD PERCUSSION ENGRAVED FOWLER, 16 ga., 29 engraved damascus bbl. with Rigby style flats & gold bands, lock is engraved with game scenes, bbl. marked London , 99% damascene finish, exc. bore, exc. checkered straight grip stock with steel buttplate, horn forend tip, original wooden ramrod with brass tip, engraved iron furniture, exc. working condition. $1650

thumbnail#1758A WIN. HI WALL MUSKET, rare 40 60, 30 rd. bbl., musket rear sight, globe front, 90% casehardening on thick wall action, full length forend with 2 bbl. bands, rifle buttstock, wood has been stained a dark ebony color, exc. working condition, sling swivels, very rare. $3500

thumbnail#1844A PERCUSSION DBL. BELGIUM SHOTGUN, 10 ga., 32 bbls., very heavy at the muzzles, lightly engraved locks, exc. checkered wood, original old brass tipped ramrod, engraved brass buttplate, VG working condition, probably a goose hunters gun of the 1800 s. $450

#1930A STEVENS MODEL 44 RIFLE, 25 RF cal., 26 rd. bbl., gun is all original except for forearm, looks like a later replacement, made very long almost to the muzzle with deep perch belly in the middle, metal has not been tampered with, crescent steel buttplate, brass blade front sight, open rear sight, 100% original casehardening & 99% original blue, exc. bore & wood, complete with period case, velvet lined with brass corners & hasps, very unusual piece. $1200

thumbnail#2131A WIN. HI WALL ENGRAVED CUSTOM SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 45 70, 26 #2 oct. bbl., casehardened receiver is floral engraved, mint curly Maple checkered PG left hand cheek rest stock, nickeled Schuetzen buttplate, checkered snobble forend, adjustable midrange tang sight & veneer windage adjustable globe front sight, mint bore, 100% casehardening on receiver, 100% bbl. blue. $3450

#2223A C. STIEGELE ENGRAVED GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 30 fluted bbl., top of bbl. marked Kel. Bayr. Hofgewehrfabrik Bon C. Stiegele, Jun. Munchen , receiver engraved in a light scroll pattern, about 25% coverage, checkered forend, snobble forend tip, light carving at the rear, checkered Schuetzen buttstock with large cheek rest, Schuetzen buttplate & lever, DST, original Schuetzen tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, checkered pinhead ramp front sight, VG wood, few light dings on right side of stock & forend, 96% bbl. blue, 80% finish on the receiver gold initials in bottom of frame, part of the gold is missing, sling swivel from bottom of stock is missing, very nice gun with one of the best makers names on the bbl.. $1795

thumbnail#2308A WIN. HI WALL SPORTING RIFLE, 45 60, 28 #3 oct. bbl., VG bore, buckhorn rear sight, blade front, steel crescent buttplate, 60% bbl. blue, 70% casehardening on the receiver fading on the left side, VG working condition, very scarce, only 191 made in this cal.. $4500

thumbnail#2325A WIN. HI WALL DELUXE MUSKET, 38-55, 32 bbl., 2 bbl. bands, fancy burl walnut stock & forend, in exc. condition, VG bore, flip up rear sight adjustable for windage & elevation, sling swivels, 95% bbl. blue, traces of casehardening on receiver, steel musket buttplate, very rare, I have never seen another one in 38 55. $4950

thumbnail#2456A BREMER WIN. HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 38 55, 26 part oct. #2 bbl., Bremer checkered PG buttstock, cheek rest with large aluminum Schuetzen buttplate, single trigger, Marbles tang sight, Lyman front sight, exc. bore, 97% blue overall, scroll style lever. $2950

#2549A J. STEGAL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 9 MM bottleneck, 30 oct. bbl. marked J. Stegal in Salzburg , checkered Schuetzen cheek rest stock, snobble forend, large Schuetzen tang sight adjustable for elevation & windage but fairly crude, rear open sight, Schuetzen buttplate, DST, Schuetzen lever, sling swivels, VG bore, metal turning a brown patina, top of bbl. is matted for 2/3 of the way, VG wood. $950

#2591A P. OBERHAMMER GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 9.3 cal., 29 1⁄2 bbl., Martini style action, large Schuetzen tang sight, adjustable pinhead Schuetzen front sight, DST, Schuetzen lever, cheek rest & buttplate, marked on top of bbl. Oberhammer KGL, Bayr. Hofruchsenmaucher, Muchin , exc. bore, 95% casehardening, 97% bbl. blue, good wood, quick lever release lower tang, sling swivel eyelets. $1500

thumbnail#2592A A.W. PETERSON WIN. HI WALL, 38 72, 28 bbl., SST, veneer tang sight adjustable for windage or elevation, spirit level veneer front sight, steel shotgun butt with trap for cleaning accessories, exc. bore, top of bbl. marked A.W. Peterson, Denver, CO. , 90% original browning on bbl., little finish remaining on receiver. $2950

thumbnail#3024A SHARPS & HANKINS MODEL 1862 NAVY TYPE CARBINE, 52 RF, 24 bbl., fair condition, poor bore, original adjustable rear carbine sight, metal turning brown patina, brass buttplate, buttstock has several cracks & one piece of wood missing along right side of upper tang, seems to work all right except lever does not want to stay locked up. $750

thumbnail#3058A N.R. DAVIS & CO. DBL. BOXLOCK SHOTGUN, 32” damascus bbls., outside hammers, looks almost like the transition from percussion to cartridge, has a half inch spacer between breechblock & bbl. that looks like a later factory addition,”N.R. Davis & Co.” stamped on left side of frame & “Twist” on the other side of frame, checkered PG butt with steel shotgun butt, checkered forend, checkering is worn down, good working condition, at first glance it looks like the early Allen type of frame, has the removable oval sideplates on both sides, very early model, SN 32, good bores, metal is VG with no pitting, very little finish remaining.  $750

thumbnail#3062A ETHAN ALLEN DBL. PERCUSSION 10 GA. SHOTGUN, short action with oval plates in the side for disassembling, 36 steel bbls., VG bores, metal is turning a brown patina, starting to thin in spots, VG wood, steel shotgun butt, VG working condition, SN 39. $895

3134A ITHACA GRADE 2 DBL. HAMMERLESS ENGRAVED SHOTGUN, 12 ga., 28 damascus steel bbls., #3 frame with scroll engraving, DST, top tang safety, bbls. & receiver turning brown, fancy checkered PG with old repair at wrist, original Ithaca buttplate, fair bores, some light pitting, the horned forend wedge tip is missing from the forend otherwise in good condition, checkering is worn. $450

thumbnail#3142A SPRINGFIELD ALLEN 1ST MODEL CONVERSION, 58 RF, 30 bbl., 2 bbl. bands, ramrod & cleaning rod, typical military flip up rear sight, post front sight, silver shield in top of wrist, probably for someone s initials, repaired crack in wrist area, I believe this may be a model made up for cadet use, VG bore, lock plate stamped 1865, lock plate buttplate & trigger guard are silver plated, possibly the bbl. bands too but most of it is worn off, very unusual piece, very scarce. $1550

#3159A HANEL MODEL 310 BA CLIP FED REPEATING AIR RIFLE, 4.4 MM, 99% blue, exc. wood, 3/8 initials DYN stamped in the left side of stock, adjustable rear sight for elevation, hooded front sight, original clip & canvas sling. $265

thumbnail#3168A SWISS SCHUETZEN PERCUSSION RIFLE, 41 cal., 34 oct. bbl., rear open sight, blade front sight, hole in tang for peep sight, fancy brass trigger guard, DST, brass buttplate, wing headed screws holding lock plate on for fast removal, wooden ramrod, brass forend tip & swivel are missing, metal turning a brown patina, good bore & wood, elaborate lock with fence around percussion nipple to protective the shooter from the flash of the percussion cap. $750

#3174A SCHOYEN STEVENS MODEL 52 44 TARGET RIFLE, 33 40, 30 heavy oct. bbl., complete with false muzzle, engraved with animal scene on left side of receiver & vines on right, original veneer tang sight, globe front sight, original palm rest, DST, Schuetzen nickeled buttplate, checkered PG stock with cheek rest, checkered forend, scope blocks on the bbl., bbl. marked George C. Schoyen Denver CO. , bbl. blue is fading & starting to turn brown, casehardening on receiver is faded & mostly gone. $4750

thumbnail#3176A N. WHITMORE PERCUSSION TARGET RIFLE, 36 cal., 30 oct. bbl. with false muzzle, typical lollipop tang sight, hooded aperture front sight, DST, fancy German silver trigger guard & buttplate, pewter forend tip, top of bbl. marked “N. Whitmore Cast Steel Boston” , casehardened back action lock, exc. bore, 98% original browning on the bbl., top tang is casehardened, cheek rest stock in VG condition except for old repair in front of trigger guard, forearm was broken completely off stock & repaired with 2 screws & glue, nice job but still visible, complete with original cased set of tools including bullet mold, bullet starter, bullet swage, wad cutter, nipple wrench, muzzle rest, powder can, bottle of oil with cork, percussion caps, funnel, etc., Nathaniel Whitmore was in business in Boston Mass. from 1804 to 1885, he was the father of Nathaniel Gilbert Whitmore who made Pres. Grant s percussion half stock rifle that is in the Smithsonian Museum, very fine quality & scarce. $3950

thumbnail#3181A SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1873 TRAPDOOR, 45 70, virtually in mint condition except for several small dings in the wood, sharp cartouche dated 1889, mint bore, 100% casehardening on breech block & rear tang, 98% blue on the metal, complete with cleaning rod, sling swivels, original sights. $2450

thumbnail#3210A GEORGE C. SCHOYEN HI WALL SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 32 40, 30 #5 oct. bbl., 1 1/4 wide about the same width as the action, Hi Wall Schuetzen casehardened action with DST& spur lever, Win. Schuetzen PG cheek rest stock with PG cap, no checkering, nickeled Schuetzen Helm buttplate, nickeled Schoyen palm rest, Lyman #103 peep sight adjustable for windage & elevation, hooded pinhead front sight, scope blocks on the bbl., bbl. marked George C. Schoyen, Denver Co , 70% brown finish, action has been recasehardened, buttplate has been renickeled, large snobble forend to match the bbl., mint bore, original with false muzzle but false muzzle is missing, factory letter states gun was shipped as action & Schuetzen uncheckered stock only, no bbl. or forend, probably shipped to George Schoyen & he fitted the bbl. at that time, very rare in this configuration. $6500

thumbnail#3211A ORIGINAL BUCHEL GERMAN SCHUETZEN RIFLE, 8:15 X 46, 31 1⁄2 oct. bbl., engraved frame with a man carrying a gun over his shoulder on left side & a man with gun in right hand & left hand over eyes to see target on right side, scroll engraving around scenes, action marked Original Syst. Buchel D.R.G.M. , top of bbl. marked Prima Wittener In Stahl , DST, Schuetzen lever, checkered Schuetzen stock with large cheek rest & buttplate, sling swivels, bracket under the bbl. for rest shooting, 98% bbl. blue, receiver is turning brown, offset tang sight adjustable for windage & elevation, ramp bead front sight with protective ears, a picture of gun is on page 369 of THE OLD GERMAN TARGET ARMS book by Tom Rowe. $3250

thumbnail#3221A STEVENS MODEL 404 BREECH OR MUZZLE LOADING TARGET RIFLE, 32 40, 30 rd. bbl. made by K.R. Bresien of Warsaw NY& so marked on top of the bbl., top of bbl. tapped for scope blocks, original false muzzle & bullet starter, 100% bbl. blue, 100% casehardening on receiver, exc. wood, original steel crescent buttplate, Stevens Model 404 had a very low production run & are very scarce, K.R. Bresien was in business making bbls., 1979 date on this bbl., mint bore. $2995

thumbnail#3228A JAMES COCK PERCUSSION RIFLE, from Piqua Ohio, 44 cal., 33 heavy oct. bbl., very unusual half stock rifle with brass furniture, DST, patch box on right side is actually an old watch case that has been inletted into the stock, also semi precious stone with gold trim inletted into right side of stock, top of bbl. marked J. Cock Piqua , Goelcher lock, good overall condition. $550

#3229A WIN. HI WALL, 38 55, 30 #3 oct. bbl., Schuetzen DST, checkered PG stock with PG cap, Swiss Schuetzen buttplate, plain forend, exc. bore, 90% blue overall, open sights, scope blocks, stock has been modified from a Schuetzen stock to a semi deluxe rifle, scope blocks were probably added at a later date. $2850

#3231A WESLEY RICHARDS FALLING BLOCK TAKEDOWN RIFLE, Farquharson design, 400/360 cal., 28 rd. bbl., express folding 3 leaf rear sight, raised bead front sight along with the folding night sight that folds into base, top tang safety, very rare checkered offset burl wood stock for right handed shooter using his left eye, works very well, horn buttplate & PG cap & forend tip, silver shield behind PG for initials, sling swivels, mint bore, 98% blue, very rare gun. $7500

thumbnail#3259A WIN. HI WALL, 40 70 Sharps straight, 30 #3 oct. bbl., open sights, VG wood & bore, 70% bbl. blue, no finish on the receiver. $2500