Modern Pistols


thumbnail#44P BERETTA MODEL 92 F, near mint condition with 99% finish, magazine release on left side behind trigger guard, safety mounted on the slide, checkered dark plastic grips, matt finish, Triticum sights. $495

#141P MELIOR 25 SEMI AUTOMATIC, SN 1114XX, exc. hard rubber grips, side lever safety, cocking indicator, 90% blue, pea size spot of corrosion right at the muzzle end of frame. $300

#150P COLT ACE COMMERCIAL MODEL, 22 LR, SN 18XX, early production, 2 clips, one is two tone, exc. bore, adj. rear sight, checkered wood tone grips, 97% blue.  $4450

#155P SIG SAUER MODEL P220, 45 ACP, SN 37A0132XX, white dot outline rear & front sights, Viridian laser sight mounted on rail underneath pistol, 100% black finish on metal, matted hard rubber grips, exc. bore, complete with canvas holster, SIG Sauer case with brochure & extra clip.  $895

#165P S&W HE 3RD MODEL REGULATION POLICE, 32 long, SN 3801XX, 4 1/4" bbl.., exc. bore, exc. checkered wood grips, 80% blue, I believe it is pre WWII. $595


#176P COLT MODEL 1908 SEMI AUTO PISTOL, SN 2544XX, 25 cal., Mother of pearl grips, 96% nickel, VG bore. $575

#180P ORTIGIES 25 CAL. SEMI AUTO PISTOL, SN 1393XX, 6.35 cal., 90% blue starting to thin & turn, VG wood grips with initial D in a brass plaque, works well. $295

#200P S&W 38 MILITARY & POLICE MODEL 1905 4TH CHANGE, 5" bbl., 38 S&W special, SN 620XXX, exc. checkered S&W wood grips, exc. bore, 99% blue, casehardening colors on hammer & trigger, 5 screw model. $850

#203P S&W NEW MODEL #3 TARGET REVOLVER, 6 ½” bbl., 32-44 S&W, SN 35XX. Target sights, exc. checkered S&W hard rubber grips, all matching, exc. bore, 85% blue, exc. mechanical condition, locks up tight. $2950

#204P LUGER 1917 DWM ARTILLARY, 8" bbl., all matching, SN 75XX, 9 MM, exc. bore, original tangent rear sight, wood bottom clip does not match, 100% reblue, professionally refinished, complete with original leather holster which is in poor condition, flap has detached. $2200

#206P RUGER SILVER EAGLE STANDARD PISTOL, SN 15-038XX, 98% blue, exc. bore & grips, complete with leather holster. $350

#210P JAPANESE NAMBU TYPE 14, 8 MM, 4.7" bb., made in 1939, SN 575XX, dated 14.3 on side of frame, magazine does not match, 98% original blue, exc. serrated wood grips, complete with leather clam shell holster in exc. condition. $1095

#211P GERMAN MAUSER BLACK WIDOW LUGER, 4" bbl., SN 14XX, 9 MM, all matching, black Bakelite checkered grips, original clip with plastic bottom, spread eagle stamped on the toggle, dated 42 on top of the chamber, BYF stamp on top of the toggle, 98% original blue, exc. bore, complete with original black holster, extra clip & TD tool, stamped on back of holster "P.08, DID 42" with Nazi spread eagle over WAA195. $4500

#220P COLT MODEL 1911 45 REVOLVER, 5 1/2" bbl., mint bore, SN 546XX, original exc. wood grips, lanyard ring at butt, 98% blue, originally carried by Capt. Harry John Campbell of Cloquet MN, complete with his issue leather holster dated 1917 & in exc. condition, with belt & 3 ammo pouches, and Company typewriter, he belonged to the Company M349 Infantry 88th Division, typewriter also stamped with these markings, also have a 7X5" picture of him in uniform, also pictures of him in civilian clothes with parents & relatives, along with his discharge papers & other Military papers, he served in WWI & achieved the rank of Capt.. $3500

#223P COLT OFFICERS MODEL, 38 Sp., 3 1/2" bbl., SN S291XX, King ramp & front sight installed, probably done by Colt, exc. bore, exc. checkered wood grips, 98% blue, bbl. may be shortened.  $850

#225P WEBLEY & SCOTT 22 LR TARGET PISTOL, 10" bbl., SN N32XX, adj. rear sight for elevation & windage, adj. blade front sight, checkered Bake-a-lite target grips, checkered trigger & lever, 98% blue, mint bore.  $1250

#226P WEBLEY & SCOTT MODEL 1912 SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOL, 25ACP-6.35MM, SN 1557XX, 98% blue, exc. bore, exc. checkered plastic grips.  $895

#227P WEBLEY & SCOTT MODEL 1908 SEMI AUTO PISTOL, 7.65 MM & 32 AUTO, exc. bore, exc. checkered plastic grips, 97% blue, SN 1632XX.  $650

#228P COLT SERIES 70 GOLD CUP NATIONAL MATCH, 45 cal., Elliason rear target sight, SN 70N123XX, made in 1974, 99% blue, mint bore, mint checkered Colt grips with medallion, clip is marked "Colt 45 Auto".  $1750

#229P COLT NEW SERVICE, 38-40, 7 1/2" bbl., SN 1401XX, made about 1911, exc. bore, VG Colt hard rubber grips, lanyard ring at butt, 70% blue, works but action needs some fine tuning, stiff hammer.  $850

#235P S&W MODEL 1913, 35 auto, SN 63XX, 98% blue, VG S&W wood grips, exc. bore, markings are exc., left side of bbl. marked "35 S&W auto ctg.".  $775

#236P H&R USRA SS TARGET PISTOL, 22 LR, 8" bbl., exc. bore, 98% blue, exc. original wood grips, very tight, adj. sights.  $1750

#239P COLT 1877 LIGHTNING REVOLVER, 38 CF, 3 1/2" bbl., exc. Colt checkered plastic grips, VG markings, nickel finish, metal mostly bright, some small areas of light staining, locks up tight but needs trigger return spring, SN 1544XX, made in 1904. $695

#241P DWM LUGER, 9 MM, 4" bbl., 1937 stamped over chamber, 95% reblue, some light pitting on 5% of frame, black plastic clip bottom checkered aluminum grips, SN 833X, all matching, exc. bore. $1250

#246P S&W HAND EJECTOR 3RD MODEL, 32 LONG CF, SN 3572XX, 3 1/4" bbl., mint condition with 100% blue, 100% casehardening on hammer & trigger, mint S&W checkered wood grips, stamped on bottom of grips "Pat. June 5 1917", 5 screw frame. $895

#248P S&W HAND EJECTOR 3RD MODEL, 32 LONG CF, 3 1/4" bbl., SN 3749XX, 80% nickel finish, bright bore, good checkered S&W wood grips, pat. markings on bottom of grips, 5 screw frame. $345

#249P COLT MODEL 1901 ARMY REVOLVER, 38 SP., SN 1963XX, 6" bbl., 50% blue fading, rest is turning an even brown patina, top of frame is stamped JTT, RAC on bottom of frame & grips, 1903 also on bottom of frame, VG grips & bore. $550

#250P COLT ARMY SPECIAL REVOLVER, 38 SP., SN 1697XX, 5" bbl., 70% blue, exc. checkered black grips with Colt monogram, exc. bore. $450

#251P COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL, 38 SP., 2" bbl., SN 8798XX, 99% blue, checkered Colt wood grips with round butt, mint bore, 3/4" scratch on left side of frame. $1195

#253P MAUSER MODEL 1910 AUTO, 6.35 cal., 3 1/2" bbl., SN 2537XX, may be made for export, marked "Made in Germany" on right side of frame, 95% blue, VG bore & checkered wood grips. $500

#254P ORTIGIES AUTO PISTOL, 6.35 cal., 2 1/2" bbl., SN 601XX, marked Germany on bottom of frame, 85% blue, exc. bore & wood grips. $295

#256P WESTERN ARMS CO. SA REVOLVER, 45 Colt, 5 1/2" bbl., SN 491XX, 95% casehardening on frame, exc. bore, 98% blue on cyl. & bbl., exc. wood grips, some staining on sides of hammer. $450

#257P RUGER SINGLE SIX, 22 LR, 5 1/2" bbl., early 3 screw model, SN 1124XX, 100% blue, exc. grips, screw holes covered with Mother of Pearl on grips, exc. bore, in red cloth lined wood case. $595

#258P JAP NAMBU MODEL 14 AUTO PISTOL, 8 MM, SN 590XX, complete with holster & accessories, dated 19.10, late production about 1944, 99% metal finish, mint bore, mint wood serrated grips, 2 clips, one matches, holster is in exc. condition with carrying strap & lanyard cord on back of pistol, very nice & all original. $1195

#260P SAVAGE MODEL 1907, 32 ACP, 3 3/4” bbl., exc bore & grips, 80% blue, Indian head logo on grips.  $400


#263P COLT 1908 VEST POCKET, 25 auto, 2” bbl., 95% blue, 100% casehardening on trigger safety & grip safety, checkered wood grips, exc. bore.  $750


#265P S&W MODEL 10-5 6 SHOT REVOLVER, 38 special, 5” bbl., Detroit Police stamped on backstop, 98%nickel finish, imitation stag grips, also extra original checkered wood grips in fair condition.  $450


#266P S&W HAND EJECTOR MCP 1905, 38 S&W Special, 5” bbl., exc. bore, 95% blue, VG grips, 5 screw frame.  $375


#267P COLT MODEL 1911 COMMERCIAL, 45 ACP, 5” NM bbl., exc. bore, exc. checkered wood grips, rear adjustable sight marked LE over Micro, made in 1917, 95% blue clip marked “Colt 45 Auto”.  $2750


#268P COLT 1917 ARMY REVOLVER, 45 Colt, 5 1/2” bbl., exc. bore, 99% parkerizing on metal, markings are light, VG wood grips with lanyard ring.  $850

#269P MAVERICK FIREARMS SEMI AUTO PISTOL, 9 MM, 4 1/2” bbl., Model US, parkerized finish, exc. bore & grips.  $175

#271P S&W MODEL TARGET 1955 MODEL 25-2, 45 ACP, 6 1/2” pin bbl., SN 247XX, target trigger, hammer & grips, mint in the original box.  $1450


#272P S&W MODEL 1955 45 TARGET MODEL 25-2, rare 6 1/2” pin bbl., SN N623XX, target hammer & trigger & grips, mint in the original box.  $1450


#273P S&W MODEL 29-2, 44 Mag., SN N3077XX, 8 3/8” pin bbl., nickel finish, target hammer trigger & grips, in a wooden presentation case, blue lining is starting to deteriorate, recessed cal..  $1450


#274P RUGER HAWKEYE, 256 Mag., SN 21X, 8 1/2” bbl., NIB.  $2950


#276P S&W 1955 TARGET MODEL, 45 ACP, SN N1392XX, rare 6 1/2” bbl., S&W checkered wood grips, mint in the box.  $1495


#277P S&W MODEL 14 TARGET MASTERPIECE, 38 Special, SN 6K398XX, 8 3/8” bbl., NIB, S&W checkered wood grips, target hammer & trigger.  $1450


#278P S&W MODEL 25-5, 45 Colt, SN N6600XX, 8 3/8” bbl., target hammer, trigger & grips, new in the original S&W case with cleaning accessories.  $1450


#279P S&W MODEL 57-0, 41 Mag., SN N215XX, 8 3/8” bbl., S&W Alves oversize grips, new in the S&W wooden case with cleaning tools.  $1650


#281P S&W MODEL 25-2, 45 ACP, SN 3388XX, rare 6 1/2” bbl., new in the S&W wooden case with cleaning tools.  $1450


#282P S&W MODEL 45, 22 RF, SN C4298XX, 4” bbl., mint bore, 100% blue, very rare, only a few made for the Postal Dept., complete with letter from S&W, in non-original box, mint checkered wood grips.  $2950


#283P S&W SAFETY 2ND MODEL, 32 CF, SN 1018XX, 3” bbl., 97% nickel, mint S&W black plastic grips, 99% casehardening on hammer, VG bore.  $595


#286P S&W K-32 MASTERPIECE MODEL 16, 32 S&W long, SN 3119XX, 6” bbl., 99% blue, very slight wear at muzzle, S&W checkered wood grips, mint bore.  $3500