#2800MB S. Williams 36 cal. Percussion oct. rifle barrel, probably Samuel Williams who was in business in Carlisle Ohio in 1805 1850, good bore, original open sights, marked S. Williams on top, iron ramrod bar underneath, ramrod ferrules are missing, metal is an even brown. $195

#2802MB Springfield Model 1840 42 barrel converted to percussion, 69 cal., VP& eagles head proof on left side, also Roman numeral IX underneath, finish turning brown, bore is rusty but would clean up, some light pitting around nipple area. $250

#2826MB Military percussion pistol bbl., probably English, 9 , complete with nipple, in VG condition, proof marks are exc., one of the proof marks is a crown over a 5, another is a crown over initials TP with a broad arrow underneath it, also marked 25, complete with upper tang, I believe bbl. is smoothbore, is rusty inside, slot for wedge, hole at muzzle for swivel ramrod. $150

#2827MB Percussion muzzle loading smoothbore bbl. with rear tang, 65 cal., 36" long, good condition, ramrod ferrule still attached to bottom of bbl.. $50

#2834MB Win. Model 76 28" rd. bbl., 40-60 cal., poor bore, 95% blue, couple of scrape marks behind the rear sight slot that obliterates part of the caliber marking, rare. $395

#2835MB Win. 1886 23" rd. bbl., 40-65 cal., poor bore, very little finish remaining on the metal. $150

#2843MB Oskar Debertshauser 24" rd. German bbl., with bead front sight & part of rear sight, 22 RF, spread eagle over the N proof mark, exc. bore. $50

#2861MB Frank Wesson 24" oct. bbl., complete with original blade front sight, 22 RF, poor bore, outside of bbl. is heavily pitted, markings are still legible, pitting is not real deep, probably could be refinished. $50

#2862MB Win. Model 70 Pre 64 24" bbl., 30 06, dated 1949, exc. bore, 95% blue. $125

#2863MB Rem. Model 241 22 Rem. auto bbl., 22", forend & original sights, poor bore, outside is heavily pitted, original forend is in poor condition, solid but well worn & probably sanded a few times. $30

#2872MB Obennett percussion muzzle loading 29" heavy oct. bbl., with drum & percussion nipple, also the screw in breech, open rear sight, 90% browning, good bore, 44 cal..  $150

#2877MB BW Darr #4 oct. 30" Hi Wall bbl., 40-50 Sharps, new condition, threaded for Hi Wall action, made in 1975.  $395

#2879MB Hi Standard 7 ¼" fluted 22 LR bbl. with front sight, top of bbl. tapped for scope, filler screws, exc. bore, 97% blue.  $100

#2883MB  Rem. 1100 12 ga. bbl., 23", post front sight, invector chokes, extra chokes, exc. to new condition.  $110

#2884MB  Rem. 1100 12 ga. bbl., 23" 2 ¾" chamber, bead front sight, no rib, exc. condition.  $100