#1MM Early leather cartridge belt holds 50 CF cartridges, fits 36-38” waist, fold over flap to hold cartridges in place, for about a 30 cal. cartridge, brass loops & fasteners, good condition. $350

#2MM German Luger black leather holster, VG condition. $135

#3MM Pair of leather shot or powder flask joined together with leather strap, brass charger on each end, brass buckles, VG condition. $125

#4MM Leather holster for revolver with 3” barrel, stitching is VG, leather is also VG. $45

#5MM US leather cartridge pouch to hold 10 rds. of 30-40 cartridges, leather strap to hold pouch shut is missing otherwise in good condition. $125

#6MM Bowie Knife, 6” blade marked “Original Bowie Knife” and “6R”, some light staining on the blade, VG grip, leather scabbard in exc. condition. $250

#10MM 11” antique powder horn, leather strap is broken otherwise in VG condition, wooden end & stopper. $50

#11MM 10” antique powder horn, wooden end & plug, VG condition. $30

#12MM 8” antique powder horn, wooden end & plug, exc. condition. $40

#13MM Antique flattened powder horn, 7” overall, wooden end & plug, fancy 6 carved rings at one end, very nice, would fit in a pocket or carried with a leather throng. $100

#15MM Fancy gold colored engraved chain to hold sword, metal hanger with 2 swords through a crown & stamped “Justitia Universalis PAX. AUT. BELLU.”, VG condition. $100

#16MM German Boot Dagger, fully engraved hilt with ivory colored handle, 5” blade stamped “Linder Boot Knife, Solingen Germany, stainless Inox, Rostfree”, leather sheath with engraved metal tips, all in mint condition. $225

#17MM Luckhaus & Gunther Remscheid Knife with rosewood handle, inlaid with pewter, 7” blade, VG leather sheath, VG condition overall. $150

#18MM Pair of British Revolver grips, probably for a Webley or Enfield, exc. condition. $60

#19MM Antique Mid East Powder Horn, probably Arabian, 21” overall, brass tips & wooden plug, good to VG condition. $125

#20MM Antique Arabian Leather Powder Flask, unusual shape, brass tacks over the face of t he body, 12” overall, fancy ivory or horn plug, metal chain, VG condition. $300

#21MM Mid East Powder Horn, 20” overall, iron ends, good condition. $125

#22MM Antique Carved Leather Powder Flask, made from the scrotum of a camel, fancy buckle hanger for fastening to the rider, carved with animal scenes & so forth, VG condition. $250

#23MM Fancy Engraved Antique Brass Powder Flask, 10” overall, green patina forming on brass, fair to good condition. $125

#24MM Hawksley Antique 8” Powder Flask, fluted body, adj. tip, VG condition. $100

#25MM Set of leather powder measure flask & shot flask attached with carrying strap, adj. for different weights of shot or lead, exc. condition. $125

#26MM Crimson Trace Laser Grips, for the Ruger LCP, NIB with instructions & battery. $125

#27MM Nazi flag pole tip, 7” overall, good condition. $25

#28MM Luftwaffe first model dagger,11 ½” blade only, 16 ½” overall with handle insert, exc. condition & mark marked “Paul Weyersberg & Company, Solingen”. $125

#29MM Sharps Borchardt checkered metal buttplate, exc. condition. $95 (2)

#30MM Bowie Knife, 8” blade X 2” wide, 11 ½” overall with a large horn handle, hand guard, blade is in good condition with light pitting overall, complete with leather scabbard. $700

#31MM Mid East Powder Horn, 18” overall, engraved brass tips which cover most of the horn, key like fasteners for a leather strap, VG condition. $150

#1931MM Bushnel 3 9X custom M scope with integral mounts, NIB. $95


#2036MM Rem. Lee 45 70 US Navy clip, VG condition. $95

#2645MM 3 piece wooden shotgun ramrod with brass fittings in VG condition, like the ones used in cased guns. $15 each 4 pieces. (2)

#2880MM Canvas covered wooden case for short barreled dbl. shotgun, will take a 26 bbl., case measures 32 X 8 ½ outside, green lining, VG condition, leather corners handles & straps. $275

#2972MM Pair of Win. ice skates, complete with the key, marked American Club Carbon Steel . $95

#2983MM Bausch & Lomb set of bases & rings for mounting a scope on a Rem. Model 721, NIB, fully adjustable for elevation & windage. $65 (2)

#2994MM Box of arsenal pack 1903 A 3 30 cal. main springs, 25 count, in the Rem. Arms Co. packing box. $50

#3010MM Charles H. Perdew Ill. River Duck Hunting Box, given to James B. Kostka Assero ILon the month that James Kostka’s son was born, his initials & birthdate are stamped on the right side of the box, Charles H. Perdew was a famous duck decoy maker back in the 1920’s & 30’s, his decoys are very valuable, 14 X 8 X 8, rack on top to hold dbl. shotgun, the top handle is made of wood & is wrapped with old fishing line, front handle is made from a 12 ga. cartridge, brass corners on bottom, compartment inside that holds the loading tools, 12 ga. shotgun shells, tin box for holding wad, 3 piece cleaning rod, oil bottle & powder dipper, many miscellaneous tools & cleaning accessories, also Kostka s from Mr. affidavit son pertaining to the authenticity of the box & accessories, very interesting & rare & exciting item for anyone who collects dbl. shotguns or decoys. $2250

#3029MM Set of Commercial Colt 45 automatic checkered wood grips, slightly raised finger rest on each side, new condition. $25 (4 sets)

#3031MM Set of Colt checkered plastic grips in VG condition, no Colt logo. $20

#3040MM Win. Model 1887 lever & breech block for 10 ga. LA shotgun. $95

#3051MM Indian Rifle Gun Powder in the short red can, made by Dupont, label has an Indian with a rifle, label is in fair to good condition, some speckling of the paint on can but retains 95% original paint, with cap. $295

#3052MM American EC Powder Co. shotgun powder, in an orange & black can, marked on the face of the can #1 Smokeless Shotgun EC Powder, American EC Powder Co. Oakland Bergin Co. New Jersey , VG condition with lid, some chipping of paint on corners. $200

#3086MM Model 1909 Argentino bayonet with matching scabbard, exc. condition, 20 ½ , crest intact, blade marked Weyersvarg Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen . $150

#3087MM Model 1909 Argentino bayonet with matching scabbard, VG condition, 20 ½ , crest not intact, blade marked Weyersvarg Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen . $85

#3112MM W.R. Weaver 29S special scope, 12 3/4" long, no mounts. $125

#3116MM H.M. Quackenbush heavy duty 1/4" steel plate target, 12" in diameter, rings numbered 1 to 10, 3/4" hole in center for a bullseye, it will hit a spring loaded device which pops up a duck & rings, heavy duty bracket for hanging, stamped on back of the target “Patent April 23, 1890, H.M. Quackenbush Herkimer NY”, also has part of the original paper instructions, very interesting piece, weighs 12 lbs., probably for 22 cal. firearms, I imagine it is very rare. $2500

#3122MM McKeever 50-70 20 rd. leather ammo pouch with braised NJ brass emblem on the lid, inside is marked “Razier’s Patent Feb. 5, 1872", issued MCH. 5th 1878, Patent April 1878", complete with 8 rds. loaded & 12 rds. empty cartridges all with Dixie headstamp, exc. condition. $295

#3127MM Swedish Rolling Block action with buttstock & buttplate, has slightly different from the Rem. made Rolling blocks, does not have the loading indicator in back of breech block, checkered straight grip stock, action is VG with faded casehardening to a silvery finish, VG wood, checkering is VG, no SN, 50 cal. CF. $275

#3130MM Powder horn, 15” with rounded wood plug on large end & brass spout on small end, the brass spout is under spring tension, you push it in to another brass fitting that releases the charger powder, very finely made, complete with very old leather strap that has gotten stiff with age. $195

#3132MM Redfield 4X scope in exc. condition, no rings, 100% finish. $75

#3133MM Balvar 24 6X to 24X Variable Target Scope, 22” long, recoil springs, target mts., donut shaped rear mt., lens caps, exc. condition with 100% blue. $695

#3136MM Russian Night Vision Scope, NIB with instructions, marked “Made in Russia”, looks complete. $295

#3137MM Leather powder measure, powder & shot dispenser, 2 compartments, 20” overall, push button charger on top of each container, fair condition, metal seam needs to be repaired, carrying strap is missing, circa 1820’s. $25

#3141MM Stith Bear Cub 4X scope, no mounts, VG condition. $100

#3156MM Stevens 44 frame, exc. condition, polished bright, corners sharp. $125

#3159MM Falvar Model 8A scope, variable from 2.5 to 8X , rings & screw adjustment for external mt., does not have the base, tapered crosshairs, mint condition. $150

#3162MM Redfield 3-9X Variable scope, Redfield rings & mts., exc. condition with crosshairs. $185

#3164MM W.R. Weaver M29S Special Scope, complete with extra lens & lens cap, crosshairs, VG condition except for lens are cloudy and need to be cleaned. $100

#3169MM Win. 4X scope with crosshairs,13” long, steel tube, 99% Japan finish, adjustable Win. mts., probably for a 22. $295

#3172MM Tasco 3 to 9X variable scope, lens cap covers, exc. condition, crosshairs. $65

#3173MM Weaver K4 scope with post & crosshair like the European style, Redfield rings & mts., VG to exc. condition. $150

#3175MM Tasco 4X scope with mts., new. $25

#3177MM BSA 4X scope, new with lens cap covers, crosshairs. $45

#3178MM Kmart 4X scope, NIB. $25

#3180MM Kahles 4 or 6X scope, 10 ¾” long, rings & mts., exc. condition. $350

#3181MM Bushnel Sport View Scope, 4 to 12X, Weaver rings, exc. condition but missing one of the adjustment caps. $150

#3183MM Gerard 2.5X Scope, claw mts. & rings, exc. condition with post & crosshair reticules. $295

#3189MM Unmarked German Sporting Scope, 2.5X, 4 reticules that do not come together so may be for a moving target, 10” long, no rings, some pitting near rear. $100

#3190MM Hensoldt German Sporting Scope, post reticules, 11” overall, VG condition with 95% blue. $350

#3197MM Hercules Powder Letter opener, handle is engraved with dynamite sticks & other things, one side marked “Dupont Explosives”, blade is marked “Hercules Powder”, very unusual piece. $150

#3199MM Win. Hi Wall original Schuetzen buttplate with wood screws, blued finish has turned purple. $375

#3200MM Win. deluxe Swiss buttplate with 90% nickel finish, wood screws, exc. condition. $225

#3202MM Win. Swiss buttplate, complete with wood screws, VG condition with 25% nickel. $195

#3206MM J. Unertl Tube Sight, 17” long, no mts., does not have the front sight installed, 98% blue. $50

#3209MM Rem. CF Rolling Block Actions, complete with stock, made in Sweden under Rem. patent, some have Rem. markings that are $295 and some made by Husqvarna that are $250, all in good to VG condition, some original casehardening.