#1MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 32-20 Marlin, exc. with 95% blue, complete with Win. 32-20 Marlin mold in exc. condition with 95% blue, mint cavity. $245

#2MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 25-20 Marlin, good condition, no blue remaining, some tool marks, complete with Win. 25-20 Marlin mold in exc. condition with 95% blue, exc. cavity. $175

#4MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 44-40, in fair condition, some heavy pitting on the handles, complete with Win. 44-40 mold in fair condition, good cavity. $100

#7MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 38 S&W, poor condition, some heavy pitting, markings are VG, complete with Win. 38 S&W mold in good condition, VG cavity. $125

#10MT Win. Model 1894 Tool, 40-60 Marlin, VG condition with 40% blue, complete with Win. 40-60 Marlin mold in exc. condition with 90% blue, exc. cavity. $250

#12MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 22 WCF, exc. condition with 95% blue, complete with 22 WCF Win. Mold marked 22 WCF but recut to 32 cal., double cavity, 44 cal. round ball. $145


#13MT Win. Model 1880 Tool, 45-90, adjustable chamber, exc. condition with 85% blue, complete with Win. 45-90 mold in VG condition, exc. cavity. $300


#14MT Win. 44-77-90 paper patch mold, fair condition, VG cavity, some light pitting on the handles. $250


#15MT Win. 50-110 EX mold, good condition, to make hollow point bullets, hollow point attachment is missing, good cavity. $250


#16MT Win. 40-82 mold, exc. condition, exc. cavity, early model without wood handles. $145


#17MT Win. 45-60 mold, VG condition, exc. cavity, early model without wood handles. $125


#18MT Win. Model 1882 Tool with adjustable chamber in 38-90 EX, fair to good condition, some dings on the adjustable die, complete with Win. 38-90 EX mold, VG cavity, couple of dings underneath sprue plate. $650


#19MT Ideal #6 45 Gov.-500 loading tool & mold, mold is in VG condition, 80% nickel, complete with modern reproduction bullet seater, decapping chamber & resizer. $150


#20MT Win. Model 1894 loading tool, 45-60, rare with adj. chamber to adj. bullet seating depth, 20% blue, rest turning gray, good working condition. $250


#22MT Win. 1888 loading tool in 40-82 WCF, very rare, 30% blue rest turning gray. $350


#23MT Ideal Cylindrical adj. mold, size 311 mould, adj. for length of bullet, wooden handle is a replacement otherwise in exc. condition. $145


#24MT Win. 25-20 SS mold, exc. cavity & wood grips, 80% blue. $100


#26MT SD&G Ballard 38-255 mold, VG cavity, VG condition overall, metal is starting to turn brown. $250


#28MT Ideal 45-Gov. early mold, in VG condition, cavity is VG, 405 grain bullet. $125


#29MT Unknown brass mold with wooden handles, 515 cal., steel sprue cutter, very well made & in VG condition, fairly short bullet, ¾” long, exc. wood handles. $100


#30MT Early Ideal mold in 40-285 cal., VG condition. $95


#33MT Ideal 25-20-86 mold, exc. cavity, crack in wooden handles but intact. $65


#34MT Ideal #308241-154 mold, VG condition, one wood handle has a crack, cavity is exc.. $65


#35MT Ideal #319247-110 mold, exc. condition. $60


#37MT Redding powder scale, like new in the box. $40


#2966MT Colt type double cavity mold, conical & round ball, 44 cal., VG condition, blue is thinning, few dings. $100

#2977MT 38 cal. round ball iron mold, circa 1940 s or 50 s, 6 long, fair condition. $20

#2978MT Win. Model 1894 38 55 reloading tool in the original Win. box, marked on the end of box Win. Reloading Tool Model 1894 38 55 CF adapted to 1894 Repeating Rifle , tool is in exc. condition, box is in VG condition with good labels, some repair to one corner. $495

#2985MT 36 cal. antique mold, no sprue cutter, fair to good condition. $20

#2993MT Win. Model 1882 tool in 32 20 cal., tool & mold, in the original box with labels intact, box is in VG condition with slight marring on corners of label, patent date in box is Oct. 20 1874, picture of tool on cover, marked Tools for reloading CF cartridges . $500

#3008MT Rem. Reloading tool called the Shell Reduce & Expander, large U shaped frame with fame painted red & the handles silver, 45-70, metal is in VG condition, only marking is the caliber, very scarce, only encountered a few in 40 plus years. $595

#3009MT Colt 31 cal. double cavity iron mold, marked "Colt Patent" on the sprue cutter & on the side is marked "32 PKT", fair condition with pitting inside the cavity, some light pitting on the outside also. $45

#3012MT 31 cal. double cavity brass mold, conical & round ball, very unusual design, somewhat like the Colt but smaller, only 4" overall, VG condition. $95

#3013MT 31 cal. iron double cavity mold, conical & round ball, much like the Colt style only smaller, VG condition, cavities are exc.. $75

#3018MT Nye Creaser for 12 ga. Shotgun shells, this creases the paper cartridge over the wad to help hold the wad in shape, in the original box, circa 1880's, patent date is 1884, box is in good condition with label. $150

#3031MT Frankford Arsenal capping tool for the 30-06, about 1907 production, adjustment for changing the seating of the primer, VG condition, marked US. $150

#3034MT Win. Model 1882 tool, 44 WCF, VG condition. $150

#3036MT Ideal capper made for different dies that fit in the handles, die is missing, most of nickel is gone. $45

#3040MT 44 cal. double cavity conical & round ball brass mold, 5 1/2" overall, no sprue cutter, uses some kind of tool to cut off the sprue, fair to good condition, cavities are in VG condition, fashioned in the Colt style, no markings. $75

#3041MT 45 cal. round ball single cavity brass bullet mold, unmarked, in VG condition, made without sprue cutter, 5 1/2" overall, very old. $95

#3046MT Lyman double cavity 44 rd. ball mold in exc. condition with handles.

#3047MT Rem. 38 cal. mold, stamped "38 265" on the handle, missing the sprue cutter, mold cavity is in VG condition, needs to be cleaned. $135

#3054MT Modern Bond brass reloading tool with neck sizing die for 30-06, inside case neck reamer, exc. condition. $150

#3060MT Win. Model 1891 45-70 loading tool, missing the decapping pin, good to VG condition with some light pitting on the handle, marked "45 Gov.". $165

#3066MT Ideal 45 Colt auto loading tool, complete with double adjustable chamber, decapping pin & recapping pin, VG condition with 98% nickel. $125

#3067MT Ideal 25-20 repeater #4 loading tool with mold, also has bullet sizing pin & capping pin, VG condition with 95% nickel. $110

#3068MT Win. Model 1891 38-56 loading tool with decapping pin, VG condition. $245

#3069MT S&W 32 cal. double cavity mold, round ball & conical, with decapping pin, wooden handles, in mint condition with 99% blue. $345

#3076MT Win. Model 1882 Tool, 44 Russian, good condition, some light pitting on left side, missing part of the die, has been modified to cap & decap cartridges. $60

#3083MT 40 cal. paper patch mold, 1 ½” overall, base pour, grease grooves on one side and smooth on the other, sprue cutter is missing, large wooden handles, very interesting, probably modified. $50

#3087MT Pope style hand re & decapper, 38-55, good condition. $125

#3090MT Ideal #6 combination reloading tool & mold, 32-40M, adjustable resizing die, decapping pin & bullet sizer, exc. condition with 97% nickel finish.  $250

#3093MT Win. 38 WCF mold recut to 45 cal. slug, looks like it was done at Win., exc. condition except for one handle being replaced, scarce.  $125

#3094MT Win. 45 cal. gov. mold, exc. condition, looks like 405 grain bullet.  $175

#3096MT Win. 30 gov. mold marked “30 gov. S.R.” which stands for short range light weight bullet for indoor shooting, rare.  $135

#3101MT C.D. Ladd loading tool in 40-65 Ballard, marked “C.D. Ladd SF” (San Francisco”, good condition with quite a bit of surface pitting but good mechanical condition, Mr. Ladd was in business at the turn of the century, very rare.  $350

#3106MT Sharps 52 cal. brass mold, wooden handles have been added at a later date, exc. condition.  $1500

#3113MT Win. Model 1891 loading tool, long L shaped model in 40-65 cal., decapping pin, some pitting on the top handle otherwise VG condition.  $175

#3116MT  Colt Patent double cavity 31 cal. brass conical & ball mold, marked “Colt Patent” on top, numerous dings but cavity is good, never made with a sprue cutter.  $150

#3118MT Win. Model 1894 38-56 loading tool, VG to exc. condition, 85% blue, decapping pin is missing. $150

#3119MT Win. 1894 tool, 25-35, exc. condition with 93% blue, missing the decapping pin. $145

#3121MT Win. Model 1880 reloading tool in 45-90, adjustable chamber, VG to exc. condition, 80% blue, missing the decapping pin. $250

#3124MT Win. 40-82 mold, exc. condition inside & out with 95% blue. $145