Antique Pistols

thumbnail#50AP STEVENS CONLIN TARGET PISTOL, 25 RF, 10" part oct. bbl., original rear sight adjustable for windage & elevation, bead front sight, exc. checkered wood grips, spur trigger guard, 95% bbl. blue, 98% nickel on frame, bottom of butt is cut for shoulder stock but stock is missing, complete with French case with green lining, box of 25 RF shells & cleaning rod included.  $1750

thumbnail#61AP MARLIN MODEL 1873 XX POCKET REVOLVER, 22 cal., 3" bbl., 97% original nickel finish, exc. original checkered hard rubber grips, markings are exc., casehardening colors on hammer, spur trigger, bbl. flips up to clean, nice & tight. $595

thumbnail#64AP REM. RIDER POCKET PERCUSSION REVOLVER, 31 cal., 3" oct. bbl., exc. checkered Gouda Percha grips, metal turning brown, trigger return spring is weak otherwise works well. $650



thumbnail#87AP STEVENS OLD MODEL POCKET PISTOL, 22 cal., 3 ½" bbl., 97% nickel, VG wood grips, firing pin on the hammer, fair bore. $450

#106AP STEVENS LORD TARGET PISTOL#106AP STEVENS LORD TARGET PISTOL, 25 RF, 10" bbl., Stevens V notch open rear sight, bead front sight, exc. checkered wood grips, 80% bbl. blue thinning, 98% nickel on frame & butt, spur trigger guard. $1450

#125AP STEVENS OLD MODEL POCKET RIFLE, small frame, 22 RF, 10" bbl., original Stevens peep rear sight adjustable for elevation, pin head globe front sight, does not have stock, slot in bottom of grips has been filled in with a brass insert with the SN of the gun, exc. job, exc. wood grips, 90% bbl. blue thinning, brass frame, cased in a walnut case with red felt lining, complete with cleaning equipment, brass plate in lid, only about 4000 made in the 1800's, scarce with this bbl. length. $1200

thumbnail#134AP TANNER SS PERCUSSION TARGET PISTOL, 69 rifled cal., 9" bbl. marked "Tanner in Hanover", very nice German Target Pistol with checkered wood grips & snobble forend, wedge bbl. fastener, engraved back action locks, hammers, tang, bbl. & trigger guard, some blue remaining on buttplate & upper tang but faint, exc. bore, open rear sight on upper tang with bead dove tailed front sight. $1195

thumbnail#144AP COLT NEW LINE REVOLVER, 32 cal., 2 1/4" bbl., mfg. in 1874, bbl. marked "Colt New 32", 95% nickel finish, exc. bird's head wood grips. $495

thumbnail#152AP FRENCH MARSHALL MODEL 1822 PERCUSSION PISTOL, 69 cal., 8" bbl., open rear sight on the top tang which is also marked "Model 1822", rounded ramp style front sight, Marshall markings on left side of stock, loading rod underneath bbl., lanyard ring at butt, bbl. starting to turn a nice even brown patina, wood is VG with just a few pressure dents, no wood missing, sharp corners. $795

#185AP STEVENS CASED HUNTERS PET RIFLEWITH MATCHING SKELETON DETACHABLE STOCK, 22 LR, 20" oct. bbl., original Hunters Pet flip up adjustable rear sight & pin head globe front sight with brass blade sight on top of the globe, exc. wood grips, 100% nickel on stock, 70% nickel on frame, 85% bbl. blue, mint bore, wooden case with orange lining, French style with compartments fitted to each particular accessory & gun, box of Kynock 22 LR cartridges, an old rectangle oil bottle along with cleaning rod, metal box with hinged cover for brushes & so forth, inside of case is dated Jan. 9, 1890, outside of case is painted a head of a hawk along with some scroll design, leather handle is missing, case is in VG condition, very rare item. $3500

#186AP STEVENS HUNTERS PET, 32 RF, 20" oct. bbl., very unusual casehardened frame, blued bbl., 99% casehardening on frame, 90% bbl. blue, almost all the nickel on matching stock, fair to good bore, after market forend, original flip up adjustable rear sight, pin head globe front sight, complete with cleaning accessories, cased with a contemporary case with glass top, very well done, compartments for cleaning accessories. $1850


#211AP STEVENS DIAMOND MODEL 42 2ND ISSUE, 22 RF, 6” bbl., V notch rear adjustable sight, bead front sight, nickeled frame, wood grips, mint in the original box, end label is gone.  $1195

thumbnail#217AP MERWIN & HULBERT DA REVOLVER, 32 S&W, 3" bbl., 99% nickel, exc. bore, exc. Merwin & Hulbert checkerboard decorated grips, casehardened trigger guard & hammer, beautiful condition, scarce. $1200


#235AP COLT NEW LINE REVOLVER, 32 cal., 2 ¼" bbl., exc. checkered bird's head grips, 80% nickel, good working condition. $695


#243AP GERMAN SERVICE REVOLVER MODEL 1883#243AP GERMAN SERVICE REVOLVER MODEL 1883, 7" bbl., SN 24XX, all matching, marked "Suhl" in oval on side of frame, lanyard ring at butt, exc. wood grips, 80% original blue, bbl. has been relined to 22 RF as well as cyl., exc. condition overall.$950

#247AP I.G. BIESS PERCUSSION PISTOL#247AP I.G. BIESS PERCUSSION PISTOL, 50 cal., 7 ½" rd. bbl., 2 wedding rings designs mid way point of bbl., beautiful inlayed brass or gold front sight, lockplate marked "I.G. Biess A. Helmstast", raised carved wood stock all the way to muzzle with horn forend tip, horn tipped ramrod under bbl., all furniture; butt, trigger guard, ramrod ferrels are hallmarked silver, arm comes down to protect nipple when not being fired, beautiful percussion pistol in exc. condition. $3500

#250AP COLT 1860 ARMY, 44 cal., SN 77XX, all matching including wedge, no serial number visible on cyl., 4 screw model, VG grips with insp cartouche on left grip, metal is turning a gray patina, some light corrosion on metal & markings on top of the bbl. are light but visible, made in 1861. $2250

#253AP SPARK FLINTLOCK DUELING PISTOL, 58 cal., 8 ¾" oct. bbl., British proofs on bbl., silver shield behind upper tang, checkered grips, full length wood to muzzle with original ramrod, engraved lockplate marked "S. Spark", VG wood, bbl. held on with 2 original wedges, metal mostly smooth & turning gray, good working condition. $2450

#255AP JAMES WARNER PERCUSSION POCKET REVOLVER, 28 cal., 3" bbl., bbl. & cyl. have been reblued, markings on top of frame are light, good wood grips, fair working condition, cyl. turns but does not lock up very well. $450

#257AP REM. SMOOT, rare 38 CF, 3 ¾" oct. bbl., 98% nickel finish, exc. checkered hard rubber grips, nice & tight. $650

#258AP REM. NEW MODEL NAVY REVOLVER, 36 cal., 7 3/8" oct. bbl., VG wood grips, metal turning brown patina, traces of blue, good bore, brass trigger guard. $1650

#262AP H&A XL #4 SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, 38 RF, 2" oct. bbl., wood birds head grips in VG condition, 60% nickel finish. $295

#266AP REM. VEST POCKET PISTOL, 22 cal., VG wood grips, metal turning brown, spur trigger. $450

#270AP W.W. MARSTON 6 SHOT PEPPERBOX, 32 cal., 4 ½" bbl., engraved frame, hammer marked "W.W. Marston NY 1854", bag type wood grips in VG condition, bbl. blue turning brown, good working condition. $850

#272AP ALLEN WHEELOCK PERCUSSION POCKET PISTOL, 2 3/4" oct. bbl., 32 cal., some engraving still visible on cyl. but faint, bbl. markings are faint, bar hammer, bag style wood grips. $450

#273AP ETHAN ALLEN 22 CAL. SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, 2 1/2" bbl., nickel finish, only about 40% nickel remaining, exc. birds head wood grips, cyl. turns but does not lock. $275

#275AP WHITNEYVILLE ARMORY 22 SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, 2 3/4" oct. bbl., 90% nickel finish, VG birds head wood grips, good working condition. $475

#276AP SHARPS 4 BBL. DERRINGER, 22 cal., 2 1/2" bbl., brass frame, 60% bbl. blue starting to turn, exc. wood grips, nice condition. $650

#279AP COLT NEW MODEL 22 REVOLVER, spur trigger, 2 1/4" bbl., SN 187XX, brass frame, no finish remaining, works well. $450

#282AP UNMARKED SPUR TRIGGER 22 REVOLVER, 3" oct. bbl., round brass side plate on left side of frame, blue has turned brown, some light corrosion on frame, cyl. does not turn. $125

#287AP EMPIRE SPUR TRIGGER 22 CAL. REVOLVER, patent date Nov. 21, 1871, 2 3/4" rd. bbl., exc. wood, birds head grips, 50% blue, good working condition. $250

#288AP WESSON 22 CAL. SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, 95% nickel finish. $450

#290AP MARLIN STANDARD MODEL 1873 SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, SN 56XX, brass frame, exc. rose wood birds head grips, no finish on frame, bright metal on cyl. & bbl., good working condition. $375

#293AP S&W MODEL 1 2ND ISSUE, 22 cal., spur trigger, SN 679XX, 70% silver on the frame, finish on bbl. & cyl. is light, patent info on the cyl., good rose wood grips, cyl. turns but does not lock. $375

#294AP MANHATTAN FIREARMS CO. SPUR TRIGGER 22 REVOLVER, SN 24XX, bbl. & cyl. are engraved but pretty worn, brass frame with 10% nickel finish, bbl. blue is thin, good grips, good working condition. $350

#295AP BLUE JACKET #1 SPUR TRIGGER 22 CAL. REVOLVER, 2 1/4" bbl., good wood birds head grips, 70% nickel finish, right side of frame has some corrosion, works well. $250

#300AP TRULOPK & SON SXS DBL. PERCUSSION HAWDAW PISTOL, 68 smoothbore cal., 5 1/2" bbls., folding ramrod, engraved lock marked "Trulopk & Son" & is engraved as are the hammers & furniture, lanyard ring on trigger guard which is very unusual, silver shield behind upper tang, sliding hammer safety on each lock, checkered wood grip in exc. condition. $4500

#301AP FLINTLOCK ALL METAL PISTOL, 2 1/2" bbl., 38 cal., no markings. $750

#302AP COLT 1849 POCKET REVOLVER, 31 cal., 5" bbl., SN 1575XX, all matching, exc. wood grips, screw heads are in VG condition, 95% cyl. scene, 40% silver plating on brass trigger guard & backstrap, 90% bbl. blue but thinning, casehardening colors on the loading lever & frame, 50% there but thinning, really nice clean 49 Pocket. $1995

#303AP SIMON NORTH MODEL 1819 FLINTLOCK PISTOL, 10" bbl., 54 cal., lockplate dated 1822 with correct Simon North in Middleton Conn. markings, swivel iron ramrod, sliding hammer safety, inspectors marks on the left side of stock in a circle, correct markings at rear of bbl., wrench marks on the bbl. opposite the touch hole, otherwise metal is in good condition, good wood except for 2" crack traveling back from the plate on left side, does not go through the stock & is not opened up. $2950

#304AP KETLAND & COMP. FLINTLOCK MILITARY PISTOL, 9" bbl., 68 cal., brass tipped Hickory ramrod, brass furniture, lockplate marked "Ketland & Comp." & GR underneath a crown, rear of bbl. has British proof marks, top of bbl. marked "DU-5311", good wood with initial W carved into left side of stock, crack on the upper part of stock above the brass plate opposite the lockplate, good metal with some light pitting, brass furniture is in VG condition. $950

#305AP FRENCH MILITARY REVOLVER MODEL 1873, stamped 1874 on top of the bbl., SN N232XX, exc. checkered wood grips with lanyard ring at butt, 4 1/2" part oct. bbl., completely reworked into a 22 RF revolver, all cyls. & bbl. have been sleeved, works well, probably $500 worth of work done on this gun, right side of frame looks like it has been filed on just above the trigger guard. $650

#312AP W. GREENER O/U HOWDAH PERCUSSION PISTOL, factory engraved with floral design, 5 1/2" bbls., massive 12 bore, folding 4750ramrod, original engraved hammers, clip on left side, British proof marks, top of bbl. marked "W. Greener Maker to Hrh Prince Albert", wooden grips, engraved trapdoor at bottom of butt, metal is turning gray, VG markings & engraving, silver shield behind upper tang, good wood, metal is smooth, no pitting, plain open sights, definitely a serious tiger gun. $4750

#317AP COLT MODEL 1849 POCKET REVOLVER, 5" oct. bbl., SN 2506XX, all matching except nickeled trigger guard & backstrap, presentation markings on bottom of backstrap "R. Fox", 4 small hash marks in grip otherwise in VG condition, stage coach scene on cyl. is visible but light, top of bbl. marked "Address Col. Sam. Colt New York US America", 95% nickel on backstrap & trigger guard, bbl. & cyl. are turning gray patina, nice smooth metal with no serious pitting, just normal handling marks, action works well. $1200

#322AP KETLAND FLINTLOCK MUFF PISTOL WITH SCREW OFF BARREL, 44 cal., 2 1/2" bbl., lightly engraved frame, "Ketland" engraved on left side & "London" on right, exc. wood grips with silver shield behind upper tang, metal is mostly bright, exc. working condition, engraved trigger guard. $650

#331AP COLT OPEN TOP POCKET REVOLVER, 2 3/8" bbl., SN 901XX, nickel plated bbl. & cyl, silver plated frame, birds head wood grips, 80% finish, some light pitting on cyl., good working condition. $395

#335AP FORHAND & WADSWORTH ENGRAVED 22 REVOLVER, 2 3/8" oct. bbl., birds head wood grips, outside hammer, 50% nickel finish. $375

#337AP VERY FANCY EMBELLISHED BRASS FRAME MID EAST FLINTLOCK PISTOL, 60 cal., 7 1/2" bbl., brass frame goes all the way to muzzle with cleaning rod under bbl., all the brass is engraved with fancy scroll work & some ornate inlays in the brass in the grip area, the whole thing is heavily engraved, butt is shaped to a point, very interesting design & very old, dating back to the 1700's. $995

#440AP S&W MODEL 35 SEMI AUTO PISTOL, 35 S&W cal., SN 69XX, exc. bore, 97% blue, VG grips except for a 1" chip on upper left grip. $695

#446AP MARLIN 1ST MODEL DERRINGER, 2 1/16" bbl., 22 RF, VG Rosewood birds head grips, 90% nickel on the frame, 30% nickel on the bbl., scarce, very small. $595

#453AP FOREHAND & WADSWORTH RUSSIAN MODEL 32 5 SHOT REVOLVER, 2 1/2" oct bbl., mint checkered original hard rubber grips, mint condition throughout with 100% nickel, marked "Russian Model-32" on top of the frame, spur trigger. $350

#454AP S&W 32 SAFETY HAMMERLESS FACTORY ENGRAVED REVOLVER, Mother of Pearl grips, SN 179XX, 32 S&W CF, 3" bbl., engraved with vines overall, 95% coverage, 95% nickel, engraving is exc.. $750

#459AP ENGRAVED EUROPEAN 6 SHOT DA REVOLVER, 32 cal., 3 1/2" oct. bbl., SN 2X, exc. checkered original grips, lanyard ring, spur trigger guard, engraved with a floral design on the bbl., cyl. & frame, VG bore, 99% nickel, probably French or Belgium, pretty piece & rare. $650

#472AP STARR DA 1858 ARMY REVOLVER, 44 cal., 6 bbl., good working condition, metal turning a gray patina, fair walnut grips have been refinished so are a little undersized, markings are VG, screw heads are also VG. $850

#473AP FLARE PISTOL, UNKNOWN MAKE, 1" bore, 9" bbl., JGA in an oval stamped on left side of bbl., VG wood grips, lanyard ring at butt, 90% blue starting to turn, underlever around the trigger guard that breaks open pistol. $250

#474AP FLARE PISTOL, 1" bore, 6" bbl., stamped WO on left side of frame, serrated plastic grips, lanyard ring at butt, German markings on the frame, VG condition, push button bbl. release on left side of frame. $250

#475AP FLARE PISTOL, 1" bore, 6" bbl., frame has a 5 point star stamped in a shield, spur trigger, good wood grips, VG metal, lanyard ring at butt. $195

#476AP WALTHER FLARE GUN, 6" part oct. bbl., lever underneath trigger guard to break bbl., dated 1939, Walther markings on left side of frame, checkered plastic grips with lanyard ring, 40% finish, good working condition. $295

#479AP EUROPEAN FLINTLOCK PISTOL, 11" bbl., 75 cal., iron furniture, brass front sight, cleaning rod with 2 ferrules, no markings except for M on plate opposite the lockplate, & a D on the bbl., full length wood is in good condition, raised wood borders around the lock & rear of bbl., metal is in good condition with some very light pitting on bbl., locks works well. $750

#480AP EUROPEAN FLINTLOCK MILITARY PISTOL, 10" bbl., 69 cal., exc. full length wood, 2 band brass piece on forend, brass trigger guard & butt, crown behind hammer & a C 180 on lockplate, bbl. is stamped with a crown & large A in circle & dated 1828, no markings on the wood, bbl. has 98% blue but thin, brass bands at muzzle are marked with a G & crossed swords, wood is very fine with original oil finish, corners are sharp, no pitting. $1550

#481AP AMERICAN STANDARD 22 REVOLVER, SN 149XX, marked on rib "American Standard Tool Co. Newark NJ", 3 1/8" oct. bbl., VG wood grips, brass frame, blue is starting to turn brown, nice clean early revolver. $475

#482AP BABY HAMMERLESS 22 SHORT REVOLVER, Patent dates Feb. 2, 92 & Feb. 6, 96, Mother of pearl grips in exc. condition, folding trigger, 1 1/4" bbl., 70% nickel. $245

#483AP PAIR OF KOCKER SCOTTISH PERCUSSION PISTOLS, 52 cal., 6 1/2" bbls. marked "Kocker", belt hooks, both engraved in the same light floral design, metal is in good condition, some light staining on the surface but smooth, no pitting, metal ramrods. $4950

#485AP MERWIN & HULBERT MEDIUM FRAME DA REVOLVER, 38 cal., 3 1/2" bbl., SN276XX, mint dogs head hard rubber checkered grips, scalloped border, 90% nickel, VG bore, casehardened hammer & trigger. $795

#487AP COLT 1860 ARMY, 44 cal., 8" bbl., SN 488XX, made in 1862 at the beginning of the Civil War, no finish remaining, some light staining in areas of the cyl. & bbl., screws & nipples are in good shape, exc. wood grips, all matching nos., good bore, bbl. markings are good, good mechanical condition, complete with factory letter. $2250

#490AP ENGRAVED FLINTLOCK 58 CAL. PISTOL, 4 1/2" oct. bbl., brass bbl. & frame, left side of frame is engraved with eagle landing on a tree, grouse standing in a tree on right side, good checkered wood grips, safety bar on back of the frame, brass ramrod under bbl..  $750

#492AP S&W MODEL 2, 32 cal., 6" oct. bbl., SN 195XX, all matching, exc. wood grips, blue starting to turn brown, metal is nice & clean, no pitting, made in 1862 when the Civil War started, possibly seen some use in that war.  $795

#493AP S&W MODEL 1 2ND ISSUE, 3 3/16" oct. bbl., SN 353XX, good Rosewood grips, silver plated brass frame, patent dates on cyl., blue is turning gray on the bbl. with some metal showing through, seems to work well, couple of dings on both sides of cyl. pin, may have been intentional.  $395

#495AP BEAMAN MODEL 850 AIR TARGET PISTOL, 17 cal., target grips & fully adj. rear sight for elevation & windage, NIB.  $350

#496AP S&W 32 CF SA 5 SHOT REVOLVER, 3 1/2" bbl., SN 526XX, exc. condition in the original box which is in VG condition, 98% nickel finish, mint grips, exc. working condition.  $595

#497AP COLT BABY DRAGOON, AUTHENTIC COLT BLACK POWDER SERIES REVOLVER, SN 174XX, 4" oct. bbl., engraved cyl., silver plated square back trigger guard, silver plated backstrap, NIB with papers. $675

#498AP COLT 1862 POCKET NAVY, PART OF THE AUTHENTIC COLT BLACK POWDER SERIES, 5 1/2" oct. bbl., SN 580XX, engraved cyl., NIB, complete with powder flask & mold & papers. $750

#499AP COLT 1862 POCKET POLICE, PART OF THE AUTHENTIC COLT BLACK POWDER SERIES, SN 559XX, 5 1/2" bbl., 36 cal., NIB with papers. $750

#500AP STEVENS OLD MODEL POCKET PISTOL, 22 cal., 3 1/2" bbl., SN 250XX, brass frame with 70% silver finish, bbl. blue turning gray, VG wood grips, VG bore. $375

#501AP STEVENS MODEL 41 POCKET PISTOL, 3 3/4" bbl., SN 218XX, 22 cal., 98% nickel, fair bore, VG wood grips. $395

#502AP STEVENS 6" POCKET PISTOL, 22 cal., SN 434XX, adj. rear sight, bead front sight, VG bore, 95% nickel finish on the frame, blue is turning brown, exc. wood grips. $475

#503AP STEVENS DIAMOND #43, 10" bbl., 22 cal., SN 447XX, peep rear sight, pinhead globe front sight, 80% bbl. blue, 80% nickel on the frame, good bore, exc. wood grips, bottom is slotted for stock which is missing, spur trigger. $295

#506AP STEVENS HUNTERS PET, 18" oct. bbl., 32 RF, original ladder rear sight, bead globe front sight, 60% blue, some pitting entire length of the bbl., brass frame & 97% nickel finish, very early SN 97, does not have the skeleton stock. $595

#508AP COLT 3RD MODEL DERRINGER, 41 cal., 2 1/2" bbl., SN 473XX, standard model, 99% nickel on the frame, 70% bbl. blue, VG bore. $750

#509AP REM. O/U DERRINGER, 41 cal., SN L962XX, one line bbl. address, good bores, good checkered hard rubber grips, blue has turned gray & is lightly pitted, works well. $475

#510AP REM. O/U DERRINGER, 41 cal., SN 24X, Rem. checkered hard rubber grips, 80% nickel finish, good bores. $695

#511AP PAIR OF PIETTA LIMITED EDITION 1 OF 5000 BLACK POWDER REM. MODEL 1861 REPLICA REVOLVERS, 44 cal., SN 79X, consecutive numbered, 8" oct. bbls., fake ivory grips, fully engraved with flowery vine effect, gold washed engraved cyl. bbl. & trigger guard, right side of frame marked "Limited Edition 1 of 5000", both pistols are in mint condition. $750

#513AP S&W #2 ARMY, 6" bbl., 32 cal., SN 682XX, good bore, blue turning brown, VG wood grips, cyl. markings are light, bbl. markings are exc.. $795

#514AP S&W #2 ARMY, 6" bbl., 32 cal., SN 339XX, possible Civil War use, mfg. during the Civill War, exc. wood grips, fair bore, metal turning gray, no finish remaining, bbl. markings are VG, cyl. markings are gone, VG working condition. $550

#515AP ALLEN & COMP. VEST POCKET SS DERRINGER, 22 cal., ivory grips, 2" bbl., 95% nickel, marked "Allen & Comp. Makers" on top of the bbl., spur trigger, complete with walnut case no period to the gun, mfg. 1860's. $650

#516AP BONA REVOLVER, 22 S, 2 1/2" bbl., part of name may be missing from top of frame, 70% blue thinning, exc. wood birds head grips, spur trigger, name may Bonasa. $275

#517AP S&W DA 3RD MODEL, 38 CF, 3 1/4" bbl., red Gouda Percha S&W mongramed grips in exc. condition, casehardened trigger & hammer, 90% blue turning brown, VG bore. $500

#518AP S&W MODEL 1 1/2 SA REVOLVER, 32 CF, 3 1/2" bbl., low SN, checkered black plastic grips, 98% nickel, exc. bore, scarce. $650

#519AP S&W 38 SA 2ND MODEL, 4" bbl., matching cyl. & frame, VG bore, exc. S&W checkered hard rubber grips, 90% nickel, markings are VG. $395

#520AP S&W MODEL 1891 SS 1ST MODEL REVOLVER, 22 RF, 10" bbl., 97% blue, casehardening on hammer & trigger, checkered original hard rubber grips, good bore. $2450

#521AP S&W BABY RUSSIAN, 38 CF, 4" bbl., 97% nickel finish, exc. original black plastic grips, exceptional. $700

#522AP S&W MODEL 2 OLD ARMY, 32 RF, 6" oct. bbl., exc. Rosewood grips, 80% thinning blue on bbl. & frame, no blue remaining on the cyl., VG bore, nice & tight. $2250

#523AP REM. NEW MODEL NAVY CONVERSION TO 38 RF, 80% original nickel, good wood grips have been refinished but fit well, good mechanical condition, matching nos., top of bbl. has Patent markings & Rem. markings, also marked New Model. $2500

#524AP S&W HAND EJECTOR MODEL 1903 2ND CHANGE, 32 S&W CF, 4 1/4" bbl., pearl grips, 90% nickel, VG bore. $450

#525AP BELGIAN ENGRAVED 32 CAL. SIX SHOT REVOLVER, SN 20XX, bone grips in VG condition, everything engraved except the bbl., nickel finish is mostly gone, turning dark brown patina, pea size chip missing out of top of right grip, works most of the time, lanyard ring is missing. $250

#526AP BELGIAN PIN FIRE 6 SHOT REVOLVER, 30 cal., 3 1/2" bbl., VG wood grips, traces of blue remaining, quite a bit of blue on the cyl., VG working condition, folding trigger. $250

#527AP AMERICAN STANDARD & TOOL CO. REVOLVER, 22 cal., 20% bbl. blue, 20% nickel on the brass frame, VG Rosewood grips, VG bore, VG mechanical condition. $450

#528AP ALLEN WHEELOCK SIDE HAMMER 7 SHOT REVOLVER, 22 cal., 3" bbl. marked "Allen & Wheelock Wooster MSUS Allen's Patent Sept. 7, Nov. 9, 1858", metal turning brown but smooth, visible cyl. scene, good wood grips, spur trigger. $350

#529AP REM. SMOOT #1 30 CAL. REVOLVER, 2 3/4" bbl., VG checkered original hard rubber grips, 85% nickel, very clean Smooth with the ejector rod & spur trigger. $450

#530AP REM. BEALS 1ST MODEL POCKET REVOLVER, 31 cal. percussion, 3" oct. bbl., brass trigger guard with nickel finish, no finish on bbl. cyl. or frame, Gouda Percha one piece grips, outside pawl that turns the cyl. on left side of frame. $1200

#531AP BELGIAN FLINTLOCK POCKET OR MUFF PISTOL, 3" bbl., 45 cal., Belgian proof marks on side of the bbl., VG wood grips, sliding safety for the hammer, bbl. screws off to load, trigger guard, metal turning brown, nice & smooth. $395

#533AP MANHATTAN FIREARMS CO. SS PERCUSSION PISTOL, 36 cal., 4" half oct. bbl. marked "Cast Steel", engraved frame, bar hammer marked "Manhattan F.A. Co. NY", VG wood bag grips, good working condition, metal turning brown. $395

#535AP REM. SMOOT NEW MODEL #2 REVOLVER, 32 RF, 2 3/4" bbl., factory engraved in a leafy vine effect, 98% nickel finish, exc. Mother of Pearl grips, casehardened hammer, period wood case with ammo. $1950

#536AP PRAIRIE KING ENGRAVED SPUR TRIGGER REVOLVER, 22 S, 2 1/4" bbl., factory engraved with scroll engraving, brown bone grips, 97% nickel finish, extra wood grips, cased in a modern wood box, all in exc. condition. $350

#537AP CASED JOSEPH LONG PARLOR PISTOL, 6 MM RF, 8" oct. bbl., Jospeh Lang wooden case with purple lining, Joseph Lang label in lid, front trigger bbl. release, spur trigger guard, fine checkered wood grips with silver plate for initials, VG bore, 85% blue, open sights, engraved in Arabesque style, cleaning rod & empty ammo tins.  $1200


#539AP ENGRAVED MINIATURE PIN FIRE REVOLVER, 22 cal., 2" bbl., six shot, folding trigger, engraved with a floral motif, wood bag grips, 4 3/4" long, in like new condition with purse case original to revolver.  $550


#540AP S&W NEW MODEL #3 TARGET REVOLVER, 6 ½” bbl., 32-44 S&W, SN 35XX. Target sights, exc. checkered S&W hard rubber grips, all matching, exc. bore, 85% blue, exc. mechanical condition, locks up tight.  $2950


#541AP S&W HAND EJECTOR 1ST MODEL DA REVOLVER, nickel plated with pearl grips, SN 80XX, 4 1/4" bbl., crisp markings, 90% nickel with some light staining on cylinder in small spots, grips are exc.. $650


#542AP S&W 1 1/2 SA REVOLVER, 32 CF, 3 1/2" bbl., first year production, SN 28X, exc. hard rubber checkered grips, exc. bore, 40% nickel finish, tight.  $375


#543AP S&W NEW MODEL #3 TARGET REVOLVER, 44 Russian, 7 1/2" bbl., SN 332XX, target sights, 70% blue, VG bore, exc. checkered black plastic original grips, all matching, nice & tight, rare.  $3450


#544AP I.N. JOHNSON PERCUSSION MODEL 1842 US PISTOL, 54 cal., 8 1/2" bbl., US over WN over P on rear of bbl., swivel ramrod, beautiful brass bbl. band, trigger guard & butt, even brown finish on bbl. & lock, exc. wood with inspectors marks on left side of wood, lock dated 1855 behind hammer, exc. untouched condition.  $1950


#545AP AMERICAN DA REVOLVER, 32 S&W CF, 2 1/2" oct. bbl., 85% nickel finish, original exc. grips, good working condition.  $125


#546AP BRITISH BULLDOG ENGRAVED REVOLVER, 38 CF, 2 3/4" bbl., 60% nickel, fully engraved, checkered wood grips.  $195


#547AP S&W HAND EJECTOR 1ST MODEL OF 1896, 32 S&W CF, 6" bbl., 99% blue, 100% casehardening on hammer & trigger, mint bore & grips, slight ring around cylinder.  $950


#548AP COLT CLOVERLEAF PISTOL, 41 RF, 3" bbl., brass frame in exc. condition, 90% blue on bbl. & cyl., exc. wood birds head grips, very tight, exc. mechanically.  $895


#549AP ENGLISH FLINTLOCK OFFICERS PISTOL, 79 cal., 9" bbl., brass trigger guard & ferrels, mahogany ramrod, name on lock no legible, lock & bbl. turning a brown patina, VG wood, looks all original, circa 1785-1815.  $895


#550AP REM. MODEL 1858 PERCUSSION ARMY REVOLVER, 44 cal., 8" oct. bbl., SN 920XX, metal turning a gray patina, good markings on bbl., VG wood grips & bore.  $1250


#551AP COLT MODEL 1878 DA REVOLVER, 476 Eley, 5 1/2" bbl., 40% nickel finish, some pitting on outside of bbl., about 2" on right side, exc. dark ebony grips, exc. bore, VG mechanical condition, very rare cal..  $4500


#552AP H&R HAMMERLESS 5 SHOT REVOLVER, 32 S&W CF, 3" bbl., near mint with 99% blue, exc.. bore & grips.  $195


#553AP IVER JOHNSON 5 SHOT HAMMERLESS REVOLVER, 32 S&W CF, 3" bbl., 70% blue thinning, VG owls head grips, fair bore, safety lever in trigger. $135


#554AP H&R PREMIER 7 SHOT REVOLVER, 22 LR, 3" bbl., 98% nickel finish, VG bore, exc. .checkered grips, all original.  $245


#555AP FOREHAND & WADSWORTH 5 SHOT REVOLVER, 38 CF, 2 3/4" bbl., 85% nickel, VG bore, exc. original grips.  $275


#556AP PAIR OF ITALIAN PERCUSSION REVOLVERS, 36 cal., 6 1/2" bbl., factory engraved with consecutive serial numbers, Rem. copy, brass frames, exc. grips, 99% blue on both.  $395


#558AP LYMAN PERCUSSION 6 SHOT REVOLVER, 36 cal., 6 1/2" bbl., 90% blue, brass trigger guard, VG wood grips, VG bore.  $250


#559AP FRENCH MILITARY PERCUSSION PISTOL, 68 cal., 8" bbl. marked "M1856", lock marked "M. FMP de Mutzig", ramrod under bbl., ring at butt, exc. wood & metal, brass butt & forend cap.  $295


#560AP THOMPSON CENTER ARMS SS PERCUSSION TARGET PISTOL, 45 cal., 10" bbl., burl wood stock, adjustable target sights, DST, brass spur lever, original wood & brass cleaning rod, casehardened engraved lock.  $295


#561AP PEDERSOLI HARPERS FERRY 1807 FLINTLOCK, 58 cal., 10" bbl., 99% original browning on the bbl., 100% casehardening on lock, marked "Harpers Ferry 1806", exc. wood & ramrod.  $275


#562AP JUKAR KENTUCKY PERCUSSION PISTOL, 45 cal., 9 1/2" bbl., open sights, engraved casehardened lock, original ramrod, 80% blue on bbl., exc. bore.  $110


#563AP JUKAR KENTUCKY PERCUSSION PISTOL, 45 cal., 9 1/2" bbl., 99% bbl. blue, engraved & casehardened lock, exc. wood & ramrod, exc. bore, open sights.  $135


#564AP CVA PERCUSSION PISTOL, 50 cal., 9" bbl., 60% browning on bbl., engraved lock, ramrod, open sights, VG wood, exc. bore.  $120


#565AP FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS, 12 ga., 10" bbl., like new condition, unfired, bbl. marked "Made in Spain".  $125


#566AP TWIGG PERCUSSION MUFF PISTOL, 50 cal., 2 1/2" bbl., folding trigger, engraved frame with coat of arms, safety is broken, VG wood grips, metal bright, some light pitting on frame.  $250


#567AP H&R 5 SHOT HAMMERLESS REVOLVER, 32 S&W CF, 3" bbl., 95% blue, exc. grips & bore, tights.  $185


#568AP REM. NEW MODEL POCKET REVOLVER, factory conversion, 32 RF, 3 1/2" bbl., factory engraved, low SN 1X, metal has been cleaned so engraving light, action is tight, needs to be loosened up, wood grips, fair condition.  $395


#569AP COLT FACTORY ENGRAVED MODEL 1849 POCKET REVOLVER, 31 cal., 4" bbl., scroll engraved frame, trigger guard & backstrap, 80% cyl. engraving, exc. wood grips, bbl. assembly number does not match frame.  $1700


#570AP STEVENS OFFHAND #35, 22 RF, 8" bbl., mint in the factory cardboard box with end label., checkered wood grips, open adj. sights, mint bore & grips, 99.9% blue, with Stevens hanging tag.  $895


#571AP STEVENS MODEL 43 SECOND MODEL, 22 LR, SN 389XX, 10" bbl., mint condition, adj. sights, 97% blue, 100% nickel on frame, exc. bore & grips.  $395


#574AP STEVENS MODEL 41 POCKET PISTOL, 22 RF, 3 1/2" bbl., about mint condition in a walnut case with key, 100% blue & nickel finish, mint wood grips & bore.  $450


#575AP STEVENS MODEL 41 POCKET PISTOL, 22 RF, 3 1/2" bbl., near mint condition, 99% blue, 100% nickel, mint wood grips & bore.  $395

#576AP STEVENS MODEL 41 POCKET PISTOL WITH CARVED CUSTOM WALNUT CASE, 22 RF, 3 1/2" bbl., 98% blue, 100% nickel, exc. bore & grips, case is beautifully carved in floral motif with plate in lid marked "Savage Arms Inc.".  $550

#577AP REM. MODEL 1867 NAVY ROLLING BLOCK PISTOL, 50 CF, 7” bbl., top of frame has gold or brass unmarked shield, replaced wood grips not original, right side of frame pitted, exc. bore, good working condition.  $475


#578AP CASED PAIR OF BELGIUM MUFF PISTOLS, 38 cal., 2” bbl., nicely engraved frame, ivory grips, VG bores, ivory has shrunk from age, proof marked ELG on side of bbls., bbls. are screw off type & in VG condition with no pitting, light staining near the muzzle on one gun, cased in the original French case with original mold, nipple wrench & so forth, small powder flask made of brass, original dagger, ornate handle with animals & persons head at the end along with a brass scabbard, case is in good condition with a couple of cracks in lid, inside is VG, very unusual.  $3750


#579AP GERMAN UNMARKED SS TARGET PISTOL, 44 CF, 10 1/2” oct. bbl., finely engraved frame & butt in a scroll pattern, finely checkered stock & forend, matted bbl. with adjustable rear sight, under lever break open system, mint bore, 100% casehardening on frame, 100% blue in bbl., cased in oak & leather case lined in green velvet, compartments for cleaning accessories.  $2950


#580AP MERWIN & HUBERT DA REVOLVER, 38 CF, SN 58X, two barrels; 3 1/2” & 5 1/2”, all matching, folding spur hammer, birds head butt, both bbls. have exc. bores, exc. grips, 98% nickel finish.  $1250

thumbnail#812AP WILLIAMS & POWELL PERCUSSION ENGLISH PISTOL, 52 cal., 7 oct. nickeled bbl., engraved nickeled trigger guard & ramrod ferrule, 90% casehardening on hammer & upper tang, traces of casehardening on lock, swivel ramrod, mint wood with nice sharp checkering, small original dovetailed rear bbl. sight, exc. working condition, beautiful gun. $950

thumbnail#920AP BELGIUM SS TARGET PISTOL, 22 RF, 11 part oct. tip up bbl. with very fine rear target sight adjustable for windage & elevation, blade front sight, spur trigger guard with large metal butt, fine checkered wooden grips in good condition, looks like a Stevens Lord Pistol, exc. bore, blue is starting to turn brown, frame is starting to turn gray, some light engraving on frame, VG working condition, built for the serious target shooter. $895

thumbnail#1595AP STEVENS GOULD MODEL 37, 22 RF, 10 bbl., very scarce, only about 1000 made, fair bore, no bbl. finish remaining, 98% nickel on frame & butt, mint checkered wood grips, original adjustable target rear open sight, bead front sight. $1200